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  1. How do we change loading areas. I have more seniority than a new kid & want to take his area.

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    What? One of your 100 puppet accounts hasn't respond yet?


    You talk with your supervisor first, another thing is that if they move you from your area how will it impact the preload, if the new guy is not ready than you may have to wait, I don't think your sup. will move you if it will have a negative effect on the sort.
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    Claim the "new kid" uses too much Axe and is therefore using chemical weapons to suppress his coworkers freedom of smell and invade?
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    According to the supervisors in our building " there is no seniority on the belt". I've seen higher seniority people be put in crap areas while lower sen. are having a cake walk everyday.

  6. Dammit! Guess i'm not moving. My area is pretty heavy. one driver has a custom load(took me 7 weeks to master it). And yes, moving me would have a negative effect on the area(unless they separate the trucks to different parts of the center).

    I thought it was based on seniority.

    Loyal Teamster
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    If this was a serious question, then I'll provide a serious answer: you cannot request a specific area, just a specific job. If you're Preloading, and your area has 5 package cars and 1,500 pieces whereas your Preload manager assigns his 18-year-old Mexican "boi toy" an area consisting of 2 package cars and 300 pieces (usually an area that's built so that the loader helps others throughout the day), then too bad, so sad.
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    I too have had to load custom routes. One route is our mall with some other stops split into 2 trucks where you have a 102 and 104 truck with both 2 and 4 mixed in both trucks and the HIN # is useless. Also the other route I load has some mixed around parts. So all that being said when I am not there the person who has to load that area is completely lost because of the setup we have going on there.
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    If the OP is indeed a "puppet", why not just pull some strings?
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    Exactly. This is something a lot of small sorters in my hub have been getting bent out of shape about; contractually, you don't have a "right" to a specific area, only that bid job. I saw a woman literally melt down over being pulled out of the debag area (7-9 workers bust open smalls bag for processing) for talking too much and keeping the other guys from working. She was still in small sort, just not in "her" favorite spot.
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    Wow - we refer to the de-bagging area as the "sin bin," since you're only placed there if you're on the ship list. Literally an area nobody wants to work in.
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    Go figure. That's where they typically stick the "least best" employees, but they always pitch a fit if they get pulled out of de-bag because they're typically not supervised as closely and get to chit-chat throughout the night.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Sounds like easy $$$ to me
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    Depends on a person's build, really. Someone 5'5", 135lbs will have a harder time than someone 6', 185lb+. It's doable, though.... us shorter folks just have to work a bit harder to keep things flowing smoothly in debagging. I actually don't mind it-- the more physical the job the better, in my opinion. Only thing I have against unloading are the collapsing walls. It doesn't take many boxes to bury me alive, man....
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    Easy money yes, but also the most boring 3.5+ hours you'll work on the sort. Plus many bags are heavy and you need to separate envelopes from larger boxes.
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    I just couldn't bring myself to tell my son I was a "D-bag" at work....