For those of you who drank the coolaid reguarding the delayed mip plan

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by grinandbearit, Sep 24, 2012.

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    Go to My UPSers and look at your Dec Paystub from 2010 then 2011 and then calculate this years (Remember no mip till next year) I'm down over $8000 and I was fortunate to get raises....Maybe next year if we get MIP I might make what I did in 2011.

    So from my perspective the delay was no delay it was 1 mip to cover 2 years, then it also affected RSU distribution (This year you will get 4 instead of 5 years payout in October )
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    I'm pretty sure the Koolaid was force fed. Like it or not, it's what you got.
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    Yes but you were one of them that didnt believe it affected your yearly income. Lets see you spin the numbers now. Its a fact I made less in 2011 and will in 2012 than I did in 2010. Even though I had raises each year...
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    Adjust that for inflation and see how much of a pay cut you've taken. But at least we can buy additional disability insurance now. If only we could afford it.
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    Absolutely. I was waterboarded with that koolaid.
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    I want to make sure everyone knows I never guarded the missing MIP plan the first time much less a second or third time.
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    I'm sure you will get a personally signed letter from Scott Davis.... on behalf of himself and all his fellow level 20+'ers who did get raises this year..... thanking you for your sacrifice during these tough times. You can take comfort in the fact that it is the generosity of "partners" like yourself that made Scott's $10 milion bonus possible in the first place.
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    Least yall see SOME incentive. Get a 2% raise that gets wiped out by higher benefit costs and the united way begging tour. Add weekly harassment about don't go over 5.5 hr a day while the same drivers run 1.5-2.5 OA EVERY day. And top off with adding 2-3 times the original workload while some pencil pusher from IE has the nerve to suggest initiative means giving time to the company for free to do all the new extra work.

    Least you guys got the sweetened kool aid compared to what part timers get every week...
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    You're right ... I feel a lot better now!