Forbes: Master Class: America's Top CEOs On The Secrets Of Motivating Employees

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  1. Master Class: America's Top CEOs On The Secrets Of Motivating Employees - Forbes

    Other CEOs have more strategic plans to help motivate employees to be more productive. At Sturm, Ruger & Company, that means profit sharing. “We allocate 15% of the pretax profits every quarter to profit sharing,” says CEO Mike Fifer. “The first year it averaged less than 5% of pay and… now it is more than 30% of pay and everyone is paying attention and pulling together in the same direction. Typically this sort of incentive takes a couple of years to take root in an organization; junior participants have to trust that it is real, non-arbitrary, and here for the long term. As a manager, you know it is starting to work when a junior employee takes independent initiative to save expenses or to push for higher efficiency. Once the employees of an organization believe in the profit sharing, it becomes an incredibly important driver of day-to-day performance.”

    Hmmmm I remember another company that used to think like this....
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    It does sound vaguely familiar but I can't put my finger on it.
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    Its alive and well with upper management. cut holiday turkeys, slash the mipps, set qpr standards so ridiculous even Jim Casey would need improvement and smile all the way to the bank with those million dollar bonuses. Yup THEY still know how to share in the profits...
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    At least we are still partners.
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    ​Now they formed a high level employee engagement committee. Lol.