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    The other day I was sent a message on diad saying "can you make a pick up on your way in tonight?". I reply sure no problem. The pick up is sent to my board and was scheduled for 19:00. Problem being I will have my work finished by 18:00.

    I send a msg to center saying I will be finished with work before pick up is there any other work for me until pick up? Reply; "I have no work for you. Head to pick up and take break until they are finished."

    I go to pick up early by 45 minutes and tell customer "I know I'm early don't rush I will wait for you to finish ". Long story short I finish pick up a little after 19:00 and put in 35 min of break for the wait. I have no issue waiting for customer to finish their last shipments. Big pick up around 275 pieces.

    My question is am I required to take the unpaid break while waiting for scheduled pick up time? I did agree to do pick up on my way in when asked (not told). I just assumed they knew where I was at on time before they asked me.


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  2. mjjlohn

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    Is this in addition to your hour lunch?
  3. jumpman23

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    Put your 10 min break in board and after that go into diad and enter their pickup in board but keep that pickup open in board. If its before commit time oh well. Your there working and loading them into truck. Don't give them that time if your actually working. That's what they want you to do is open that pickup in board 15 min before pickup and the rest of the time they want you to work for free. Close the pickup right after you finish with their end of day scan. Take your lunch when you get back to center. They want their cake and eat it at the same time. That's not how the game is played lol.
  4. 1989

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    No. Your breaks are paid breaks. Your lunch is not paid. All the time you spent at the pick up is paid time.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It takes quite a bit of time to load 275 packages so, no, you cannot be forced to take your break while you are making a pickup.

    Now, if you got there at 1815 and didn't touch a package until 1900, then you most certainly would have been on your meal break.
  6. Wally

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    I don't quite understand. Why wasn't lunch taken during the day?
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  7. 3 done 3 to go

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  8. cachsux

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    If you have lunch/ break time left to take then yes it you do not perform work during that unpaid time.

    If you have taken your lunch/ break, and by then you should have, then no they cannot make you take unpaid time.
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  9. brett636

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    Lunches and breaks are not there for the company's benefit, but for your own. My personal feelings are if I am waiting on a customer, equipment, or other unrelated issue I am staying on the clock because I am waiting to perform work, and if I am on break or lunch I shed all my responsibilities to perform said work including waiting until that lunch/break is over. Personally I refuse to play the game of going off the clock everytime the wheels aren't moving because eventually that can start to get ridiculous. If you want to use your break strategically thats fine, but I wouldn't take it at the customers location. Take it somewhere on the way and get there around 1900 to make the pickup. If you have already taken your lunch/break by this time then tell the company that they can send the work to someone else if they don't want you waiting, but going off the clock for the 2nd time just for the company's benefit isn't possible.
  10. The Other Side

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    YOU DO NOT EVER take a second lunch break if you work less than 10 hours. If the company requires you to go to a pickup and you are forced to wait, this is ON COMPANY TIME.

    In order to be on lunch or break, you must be RELIEVED of all duties upto and including driving the truck and shutting it down.

    If you agreed to this, then you have to grievance against the company. Next time, get paid.

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  11. Indecisi0n

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    Suckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, you could have been paid to sit in your truck posting on BC.
  12. Greenwing

    Greenwing after 15 years nothing suprises me

    they only ask that of green horns :)