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    Ok two nights in the last two weeks me and the guy under me have been forced to stay and cover car wash becuase the two full time guys are off. There are three other people under the two of us but is it possible that they can force us to work extra work other than our primary and this is with out 24 hr notice they will come to us at the end of the sort with no warning and say you have to stay. Is there a grivence that can be filled on this for one i have a full time day job and i am up at 5 am every morning and didnt get off till after 11 last night so i fell i should have to right to pass this down or just choose not to stay since its not my primary
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    Tell them you don't wish to stay and point out there's 4 junior people available first before they get to you. If the junior folks are allowed to leave before you then file on that.
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    It's ask from the top down, force from the bottom up.
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    learn how to spell
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    They actually wash cars in your center?
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    yes we have two employees who work the local sort then work the rest of the remaining hours up until eight washing trucks and parking them back on the building for preload
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    At my center, thy wash cars up til they reach 5 hrs on metro. At 5 hrs, you hope ours was one of the ones they get to.
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    Exactly right.