Forced onto a route I dislike!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by messUPS, May 11, 2012.

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    So i just got forced onto a satellite route in my center and it's far from where any full-time driver lives. Whenever a driver gets forced onto it they sign any bid possible to get off it. So here I am stuck on this route for who knows how long. I don't think it's right that UPS can make me drive there without any compensation for fuel or time!! Anyone else in my position?
  2. Indecisi0n

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    What's a satellite route?
  3. 728ups

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    sux being on the bottom of seniority list!! when you get some seniority,bid off it
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    You should go to your management team and tell them you would like to apply for super seniority. Nobody should have to be on the bottom, I'm sure if you talk to them they will move you up to the top of the list. How do you think those other guys got there?
  5. Brownslave688

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    Was it a 4th move giveaway and it's your bid route? Here if they force you to do a satellite route u compensated for mileage.
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    A satellite route is one in which the PC is parked at an alternate location and the work is brought to you every day. You deliver and then bring any pickup pieces and your DIAD back to the meet point so that they can be shuttled back to the center. The ideal is to live closer to the satellite location than the center because you are not paid mileage if it is your bid area. If you are forced to cover the area you are paid mileage. Satellite areas are generally rural areas.
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    It's in the stratosphere. Dude , he's an Astronaut. I wonder if it pays good ?
  8. Backlasher

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    Is there an annual membership fee , & if so, how much ?
  9. brownmonster

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    Satellite routes are designed to save miles. They offset the wasted miles in the daily dispatch plan.
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    Welcome to UPS. Get used to it. Its all about doing things you really dislike. I think that's why they call it work. Did I read your post correctly? You are being forced to do that route? From what I understand forced labor was abolished during the Lincoln administration. Talk to your union steward. Maybe he can help you and do something about the anti-slavery laws. I doubt it but its worth a shot if you hate it that much.

    Seriously. Really guy? $31.20/hour in an economy where jobs are scarce and you're looking for a way out of it?

    I truly believe this is one of the fundamental problems with our country, i.e. everyone's sense of self entitlement. I suggest you live through the Great Depression and then get drafted to fight in WWII and then re-read your post and tell me what you think. Please.

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    Your going to have to suck it up and the big boy pants on, it could be worse you could've been forse to bid a rte on a island 30 miles out in the ocean and have to pay for air travel, like i had to do. Just do the time and wait your turn.
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    One word SENIORITY get familiar with it....

    DID UPS pay you to drive to the building everyday ??? No... YOu have 2 option deal with it till you get more seniority or quit....

    I live 2 miles from the UPS building in my local area it about in all it use to take me less than 3 minutes. 2 years ago I got bumped out that building and now I have to drive 53 miles to and from work each day which takes me about 55 minutes it either I drive to the other building or I don't have a job...
  13. iruhnman630

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    I've never been paid mileage for being forced to cover our satellite route, and I've fought it every time. The union justifies accepting it saying the satellite is the work location for that day, not the building. They accept the companies bs on the issue. Seems it affects so few people that it's not worth fighting.

    Between the near 90 minute round-trip commute and the first approximately 45 minutes (depending on price of gas) of net pay going directly into the gas tank, I effectively work 2 hours for free, and the union approves. Insane.

    OVERBOARD Active Member

    15 yrs ago when i was able to bid back to the main land, if they ask my to cover a RTE on the island I would get travel pay to and from which was a good hour each way, easy money.
  15. Cementups

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    In our center you can pay $1,000 (to the center manager) for every spot in seniority you want to move up. I moved up 5 spots last year. While it cost me a bit, I made up for it in overtime. Check with your center manager and see if he participates in this program.
  16. UPSGUY72

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    lol Would that be considered bribery or extortion..:money:

    I know in my building it a little cheaper but still not worth it...
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    I would LOVE a satellite route.
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    Doesn't top pay now take three years? Assuming he is low man, and new, isn't that $16.10 an hour. That's what it is here. I make a little above that because my hub pay was higher than starting, and I will make that until progression catches up to it. Not completely disagreeing with you, but with gas at $4, I would be a tad miffed if I had to drive further than it would be to the hub, and receive no compensation.

    And btw, I though satellite guys took the PC home, than drove it to the meet point and loaded it. Or is that extremely rural ish?
  19. satellitedriver

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    Hourly pay is the same as every other driver.
    As of this weeks paycheck, I have earned $35K.
    I guess that's good, but there is not a free penny in it.
  20. satellitedriver

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    A black hole for UPS to throw pkg's into.