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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by bigd332, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. bigd332

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    Is anyone else having a problem with being forced to work overtime after already putting in 10hrs on a city route? Lately we have been forced to work the dock when we get in even if we have 10-11 hrs already in. Then to top it off the time we work on the dock is paid at dockworkers rate and not drivers. They go in to the time keeping system and change our classification for the hrs we are on the dock. And so much for the union helping us with this , they say there is nothing they can do about it right now.
  2. BROWN430

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    Don't know what local you are in, but if we drive and are asked to work local sort or any other lower paying job we get driver pay. You may want to check on that. I think you are getting bent over
  3. bigd332

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    It's in the POS contract that we have, we get paid the rate for the job that we are doing. Nice hey.
  4. BROWN430

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    that sucks.We always get driver pay when we work at a less paying job. But only if you drive that day or are forced to work it.
  5. Channahon

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    Gee, forced overtime, in a recession, what must the over 10% of unemployed people think of UPS?
  6. JimJimmyJames

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    That there is plenty of work at UPS and maybe the company should hire them and spread the wealth :wink2:?
  7. MC4YOU2

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    In my area, if you drive ground volume for at least an hour and then go into ANY other job class, without a meal break, you remain at your driver rate. Double check this in your language. At the very least, I would think you'd be entitled to top rate in that class at the OT rate, which is probably substantial. What supplement are you under? What does your stew and BA say?
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The OP works for UPS Freight which seems to operate under an entirely different set of rules.
  9. bigd332

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    That's it you guys don't understand that it is totally different on the freight side of the operation. We have a totally different setup and work rules and a contract that lets the company run the union.
  10. grgrcr88

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    Do you have any dock workers, or any one in your facility laid off? If so you need to have that person file a grievance for all the time spent working the dock by drivers. When they have to pay someone for not working they will change their policy!!
  11. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    You may have a different contract, but its the same Union. I assure you it is not run by the company!!
  12. raceanoncr

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    If it's in the contract as such and YOU all voted on it, right, then tell me how the union is not helping you with this. By their saying, "There is nothing they can do about it right now" may mean it was voted in by members and company and can't be changed in midstream until new contract is negotiated.
  13. cachsux

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    If you have a CDL you are still bound by the hourly regulation even if on the dock.
  14. UPSF Peeon

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    its a 75 cent difference driver, get over it
  15. Fullhouse

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    Race well I will have to call you on that one! I remember that our current contract was ratified and then all of a sudden they changed the over 9.5 language. (opt out opt in) It is very unusual but it has happened. I have seen the contract for UPSF and it closely modeled after our own contract (UPS)
    UPS Freight contract
  16. Fullhouse

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    Article 18 Section 4. Well at least that should be over time rate.