Forced to bump driver different center ????

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  1. Backlasher

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    Okay, we have 2 centers in our building under same local.

    Can they force me to come in, bump driver from other center ?? My center not using me today. was told oter center wants me in. driver from other center and I texting and I told him they got me in bumping u.

    I'd rather stay home and he wants to work. I told center I don't want to bump him. They argue me to come in. Can they do this? I'm a different center ?

    When I needed the work and starving for hours, I jumped, but I good on hours and would rather take the day sence my center doesn't need me !!!
  2. Backlasher

    Backlasher Stronger, Faster, Browner

    Following instructions for now, but I getting hold of union , this bull crap.
  3. Jones

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    We have 3 centers in my building, we only send cover drivers to another center if they are down a driver.
  4. Bubblehead

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    In my area the contract only protects your right to work, not your right not to work.
    Aside from vacation and option days, that is.
    I doubt you will get any satisfaction from the union, but good luck.
  5. Dracula

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    Years ago, they tried this with us. They found out, at breakneck speed, that they didn't want certain drivers in their center. And it was very easy to become one of those drivers. It was way too much trouble to force a driver who was determined not to work in a center against his or her choice. I always liked it. Easy 12 hour day.

    Put two and two together.
  6. cachsux

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    If you are above the bottom 10% here you cannot be forced out of center.

    Now in your case go be the worst you can be. They won't want you back.
  7. Brownslave688

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    This is just weird. Unless your that much better than the other driver who wanted to work I just don't understand. If he knew the route and wanted to work an u wanted off it seems like a no brainer. With that said depending on your local seniority doesn't always give u the right not to work.
  8. UPSGUY72

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    I would suspect there is more to this.

    If they are doing thing by seniority your SOL. You have the right to work not hitch and complain that you don't want to.

    You could go and be a total idiot but if they are sending you out on routes you know that wouldn't be wise.

    With more seniority this will pass.
  9. UPSmeoff

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    Come in work you will.
  10. iruhnman630

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    We went through this in our building (3 centers) last year. Strict seniority works across all three centers, no days off without burning option or svd days. I spent much of Feb and Mar forced to run routes in the other two centers while their drivers who actually knew and wanted to run the routes were laid off. It was all brought on by a combination of other issues.

    Contractually it is correct. But it ended after much grumbling, as the overwhelming majority in our building prefers seniority choice if a route is cut. People love those random days off.
  11. grgrcr88

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    The only way you should be bumping into another center is if they are short drivers and you are laid off in your center, then only the lowest senior person should be sent over. Unless the two centers use one seniority list. If there is two totally different seniority lists they should not be using anyone from a different center unless all persons from there center are working. As usual with these situations you should check with your local Union as your supplement may have different language than mine.

    I would tell the driver that you bumped to file for all the time you worked and see what happens.