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    I have an issue and wondered if anyone here had an answer for me.. So I have been working small sort for almost a year now and they are pulling me off of it now because there is a guy that works on our sort that has thrown enough of a fit that sups are tired of listening to him and giving him my job.. I was just wondering if there is any union rules that can stop them from doing this..

    Just to describe this guy... he is very lazy and uses the union to his benefit so he can be.. he even got a doctor to write him a restriction that says if he gets upset/mad at work he is allowed to leave.. which is one of the things he used to get the job he wanted. He does what he wants and gets away with it because no one will fight him.

    I go above and beyond every day and kill myself every night to get all the smalls out and did everything in my power to keep this job. I heard the union doesnt recognize numbers but not sure what all that covers. My small percentage is over 95% almost every night and this guy barely hits 80%.

    Any info would be great. Tired of this guy abusing the union and me getting screwed over cause im self motivated and respect my job...
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    Next time, don't try being so over-the-top if you're going to troll the Union Issues forums. You almost had me, but you went just a teensy bit too far. I think the second paragraph was where you really laid it on extra thick and it was game over by the third.

    I give you a D+

    Better luck next time, chump.
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    im actually not trolling. lol. and that is just the tip of the iceberg with this guy.. i really want a way to keep sorting smalls, one reason is cause i like doing it over other crap there. and two i dont want this worthless ... to win and get what he wants once again.
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    HA, Some people need that Doctors note..... HAHA
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    im not saying this guy doesnt need it.. he has some serious mental issues but the fact that he gets to use his mental issues and lazyness to his benefit is what drives me nuts
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    I plan on talking to one of our stewards but I wanted an unbios opinion before since they all know him and im not sure which ones like him or will take his side.
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    why do my post take so long to post?

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    The contract states "work as directed". What job were you assigned to? How long have you been at UPS? In most centers small sort is the lightest job and is commonly only for the highest seniority employees. Even then they can be pulled off at any given time.UPS has always liked to pit employees against each other in a divide and conquer strategy. If you plan on working their awhile take a hard swallow and continue as if nothing happened.
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    yea I've worked for about 5 years. I know they use you. The thing that I dont understand is why would they let people stand around and not do anything(literally) on any other job and then give them the one they want just so they dont have to deal with them. Only company that i have ever worked for that lazyness and stupidity get you where you wanna go...
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    We have a guy like that at our hub. he is mostly in smalls but sometimes comes to help load. He complains about not getting paid enough to keep up with the flow coming in and builds terrible walls that sometimes fall, Then blames us for how his walls fell. Riddle me this: lets say they assign a guy(Lower seniority) to smalls and put him to load one day. Can he fight that or does he have to stay where they put him?
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    Not true, at least under my supplement. PT'ers bid on preferred jobs (irregs, clerk, small sort, etc.) and the most senior employee on the bid list (typically these lists are maintained in the sort manager's office -- one of the best kept secrets at UPS are where the preferred job bid lists are kept) are awarded the job if there is a vacancy. The company has the right to "layoff" workers in reverse seniority order (from the bottom up) and bump them back to their prior non-preferred job (unload/outbound) but must recall them in reverse order (most senior laid off small sorter, for example).

    In practice, however, the company typically picks who they want (usually a slower loader/unloader or females) for a small sort slot but this is a quick/immediate fix if the steward is worth a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:.
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    IMHO, UPS does an absolutlely horrible job of identifying and "training" PT sup's. PT Sup's are the only suckers that believe it is a career path and not an exercise in futility.
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    the problem in my case isnt the pt sups. they actually argue with the ft sups to keep me there but the issue is he is an absolute POS and they give him what he wants. I could spend a day writing about the crap this guy does and you guys would be amazed.. he makes people hate the union.. he uses every loop hole possible to do the least amount of work possible. Our average flow is about 8,000-10,000 and when they put him in the load he rarely hits 200- 300 scans. so they dont put him there anymore.. when they make him unload he will be in the same package car(not a trailer) the entire night. he spends most his night outside smoking or talking to the mechanics in our mechanic bay. and then all he has to do is threaten a grievance and everything is over looked. That is just a brief summary of this guy..
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    I have seen that plenty. Don't think you are the only one.

    HOWEVER, maybe you should also notice the guy loading, that tops 500/hr. Then the pt sups starts sending half the belt to unload and has him working 4+ trailers "because he can handle it", or flow that even he can't handle, but "naw, he don't need no help, he's a star, he'll get it caught up". It works both ways. I have actually seen 500+ loaders drop under 400 permanently because it just gets old. Sometimes the harder you work at UPS, the less lube they use when they bend you over.
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    Or they understand it is not a career path and they are not looking for one at UPS.
    They get paid well, looks good on their resume ... work the system.
    You're not cynical enough to see the truth!
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    LOL, point - Hoaxster. :smart:
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    I'll bite for the hell of it. Your SOL most PT don't bid jobs and you are one of those that didn't. So you are assigned a job based on your ability and there needs. But there needs trump your ability.
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    yea im the guy getting bent over every night.. went in tonight knowing the i wasnt going to work smalls but my pt sup said i was going to unload trailers ( which i was fine with) then when he went to put me in the trailer the guy in the trailer said " You can either leave me on unload or you can send me home" so the pt sup said " well lets go talk to the FT sup then" well when they came back he was on unload and i was moved to another job... so got f'd over twice tonight.. this place blows at times.
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    Fair days work for a fair days pay. Keep working your butt off, get hurt and see how much you mean to brown
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    If you get hurt your FT sup's will be asking what you were doing - not are you OK. All to build documentation that it was your not following the methods or some PCM. (I sign the daily PCM with a random cartoon character every day with my non-dominant hand...)

    If you are indeed hurt, IMHO, you do not answer ANY questions and holler in pain and ask for medical care immediately. In our hub if you work at night or early morning the FT sup's want (force) hourly's to wait until the local doc-in-the-box opens at 8 or 9am claiming they have to drive you there - when a full hospital with ER is within 15 minutes.