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    I have my seniority as a driver and drive all 5 days during the week. I'd like Saturdays off to spend with my family but my sups are telling me I HAVE to drive on Saturdays too. What's the actual rule on that? Also, the Saturday sup upgrades at least 20 Monday packages every Saturday to boost his stops per trip. Should I say something to someone about that? And if so, who?
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    Attorney General Eric Holder should hear about this!
    ​Are you prepared to go into the Witness Protection Program?
  3. East coast navy

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    If you want info on here type your local # and someone might post with some help. If not, then talk to your steward. All supplements are different with PT cover driver language
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    Local 331
  5. PiedmontSteward

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    Typically, if they need drivers to work on Saturday or on a holiday, they ask from the top of the seniority list and then force from the bottom. Being the low man on the totem pole sucks.
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    ​But it doesn't suck as bad as being Part-time.
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    Work 58+ hours m-f and u shouldn't have to worry about Saturday.
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    Saturday should be offered to the top and then forced from the bottom. Saturday operation is air only unless emergency conditions. 6th report should be double time and check the contract but if its forced you could probably get triple time. Request 8 hours on Saturday and think how much fun the family will have on the vacations ups pays you to go on lol. I would file a grievance on ground being delivered and to be payed the appropriate rate of pay. Also file a grievance on seniority if you have more than other drivers.
  9. East coast navy

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    In most cases 6th day is time 1/2. 7th and holiday is dd.
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    I do Saturday air and they've got a group who do it for 12.50/hour. Why wouldn't the center send off a part timer to driver training for utility work? Wierd!
    sometimes if its real slow or if savers are at building they'll upgrade packages but this is a rare occurrence!
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    Again, they can not make you six punch!
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    ​Sure they can. Work as directed.