Forget before... stand with me now!

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  1. Teamsters forget my proposals of before and stand with me now!
    I and you all see yearly,monthly,weekly,daily,hourly, and secondly violations of our NMA! We need to start a movement of " WE WILL " !
    Now hear me out we must band together and enforce what has been agreed upon. When we see mgmt. touching our work we must file. When they send lower senior's home and dont ask from the top we must file. When they let their friends with less seniority pull doubles get overtime etc. we must file. When they dont go by seniority for preffered jobs which is common practice at my hub we must file. I know i am leaving out many of their common violations and feel free to post youre own violations that you personally see.

    The most common thing i hear is fear of attacks for sticking to our rights. Fear no more if we stand together on this we can eliminate these problems all together. If UPS has the point driven home that " WE WILL "!
    Things will change rapidly for the better. We can no longer look the other way we must look the beast right in the eyes and instill the same fear they have upon us. Finally remember this "WE WILL" and call out all the stewards that are buddy buddy with mgmt. and let them do as they please. We might have to wait until 2013 for change but this is something we can change right now!
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    I stand beside you ShadyTree! I agree 100 percent we can not let managers continue to walk on us. Ive been fighting back, and I can tell you they dont like it. The only way to change anything though is through action! If you feel your rights are being violated cite the article and file! Its that simple!
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    Senority rules are great for those who have it, but largely unfair to everyone else. When I need a day off and my boss can't just say "sure, go ahead" without asking permission from everyone who has senority above me, I have to question the wisdom. Dramatic rhetoric is not what we need.
  4. But Benefits Are Great!

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    I must be getting old, because I'm damn sure I heard my father tell me this a thousand times when I was a kid;

    Why does everything have to be a battle?
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    Please make this easier for us and identify which of your 21st century schzoid personalities is posting on each of your rants. King Crimson

    "I know who im for and who im against i pull the shades shut and build me a fence" - Rage Against The Machine?
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  6. I dont think that we must fight. This is what was agreed upon. I know many fear mgmt.'s retailiation for the all mighty grevience. But if we can actually make them fear of even looking at a package we would make great strides. If we made them go by seniority in every situation that calls for it we would make great strides. If we can not police these articles then why dont we take it as a giveback's at negotiations instead of losing other rights that we do police?
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    First, seniority gives you the right to work not the right to not work.

    Second, you scare me.
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    How about you learn how to create an intelligent post......PRIOR to trying to rally the troops.

    As if I'm throwing my hat in the ring with you!
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    stealing time

    :angry:seniority,thats a joke.we have a palatine feeder who will not p/o unless the jr person is p/o.drv lost his o/t for stealing time for over a year,so this is his way to get back at the company.then he has the nerve to file for is lost o/t.some people just dont get it.
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    i was first thinking that you are new, young and clueless, a big dreamer without a concept of reality.

    i was wrong.

    its much worse than that.

    you, without doubt. are what gives unionism a black eye when it comes to public perception. a loud bobble headed lemming with no meaningful message, but wanting everybody else to blindly follow.

    and that does not include you severe bouts with delusional paranoia....

    sometimes it is better to stay quiet and let others think you are a fool, then to speak and remove all doubt

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    Well said, Dannyboy. I started an almost identical response to him last night then thought, what's the use. He doesn't (and won't) get it. Oh well, luckily these guys usually flame out pretty quick then we never hear from them again. One can hope............
  12. What is so crazy or far from reality about enforcing the agreement we have made? It is our right to do all bargaining unit work and to halt the continuing abuse and non-recognition of our seniority rights!

    -Here are key points and helpful advice:

    1. Mgmt. is allowed to work due to excessive call-ins and acts of god and service failures.

    2. This is were the line is drawn if they have had excessive turnover or higher than normal volume for the shift they are not allowed to work! It is they're responsibility to go by the extra work lists.

    3. Be respectful if they are doing bargaining unit work say "If you continue to do bargaining unit work I will be forced to file"!

    4. If they say things like "Im just trying to help or why are you being so rash?".
    Simply say "This is the contact that we as a whole agreed upon and we are not on salary we are paid by the hour and your taking money/food of my family's table". Any human should be understanding of this if not they will deal with the consequences.


    1. If they disregard youre stance you will be paid double time for all time they worked.

    2. Instead of always being under staffed and over worked Mgmt. will start using sufficient staffing to limit time and the blowing up of areas the best they can.

    3. Enforcement of our seniority rights will be great all around for the simple fact of being able to use what you've earned. The ability for extra work, time-off, preferred jobs, etc.


    1. Be ready for harrasment.

    2. Be on time and report every scheduled work day. Failure to do so will result in write-ups and suspension letters etc.

    3. Do your job to the best of your ability. Failure to do so will be results listed above.

    Summary: this is what we have agreed upon and if we expect Mgmt. to follow the rules then we will be held to the same standards. In general dont give our union a bad name if you are one of the ones who cant show up everyday and on time or come in higher than a kite you most likely will keep youre mouth and eyes shut. I and others understand why you keep youre mouth closed. But us that are genuinely hard workers and dependable must band together and stop Mgmt.'s disregard of our NMA.

    I am willing to take the flak for the greater good and have no problem with attendance, I have missed one day in the past 8 months (option day). Nor do i have service issues i am proud to say i am very accurate at all jobs i have performed.

    This is not a battle cry or a rally for war it is simply a plead for all employees who are solid/great to quit looking the other way and for the high number of employees that are late, miss excessive days, or have horrible service problems to get it right or go home and if you do get it right get on board and start enforcing our agreement with us.

    Finally i have started the movement at my hub and it is being heavily welcomed by all including Mgmt. By all i mean union, non-union, and Mgmt. is loving the fact of finally getting to supervise and stopping the abuse on them by the big wigs as just loaders/unloaders stc. with a collared shirt on while hourly's are seeing across the board increases of their paychecks and actually recieving adequate staffing instead of being stretched so thin they break.

    -All it took for change was the $1300.00 grievence that was awarded for sup's working!
  13. To danny and leftinbuilding what is so crazy and paranoid about this language. Yes i agree my other post are dreams but what is so wrong about enforcing the rules? For damn sure Mgmt. has no problem dropping the hammer on us when we break the rules. My stand is we must use our benefits instead of letting them pass us by. So please explain what is so crazy and paranoid about this post? Please i would love to hear that response because from where im sitting i dont see it!
    Section 7. Supervisors Working
    (a) The Employer agrees that the function of supervisors is the supervision of Employees and not the performance of the work of the employees they supervise. Accordingly the Employer agrees that supervisors or other employees of the Employer who are not members of the bargaining unit shall not perform any bargaining unit work, except to train employees or demonstrate safety, or as otherwise provided in the applicable Supplement, Rider or Addendum. The employer shall make every reasonable effort to maintain a sufficient workforce to staff its operations with bargaining unit employees. The Employer also agrees that supervisors or other employees of the Employer who are not members of the bargaining unit shall not perform bargaining unit work in preparing the work areas before the start of the Employer�s hub, preload or reload operation, nor shall the Employer send any bargaining unit employee home and then have such employee�s work performed by a supervisor or other employees of the Employer who are not a member of the bargaining unit. (b) When additional employees are necessary to complete the Employer�s operations on any shift or within any classification, the supervisor shall exhaust all established local practices to first use bargaining unit employees including applicable, double shifting, early call-in and overtime.
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    Excellent post!
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    Seniority prevails in all instances!
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    Hang in there--- someday you will understand the what "senority" is all about. I will give you a hint. It is the only thing that you will aquire at UPS that separates you from the guy that was hired the day after you. Someday "senority" will be your best friend. (unually the second day you are on the payroll):peaceful:
  18. thanks red.... do you notice that all these sup's out here have there own interpetation on seniority and not the actual clear cut way it is used. A good majority of the members on this site would sound and appear a lot more intelligent if they would just sit down and read the darn thing!
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    I also agree
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    Actually, It works both ways. As the senior worker, I can chose to work that day over a junior,chose to go home if there is an excess of needed workers over a junior,be the last one to leave if both of us are on o.t.,be the first one to leave once we both have 8 hrs,if there is "scheduled off" time available the senior worker prevails,etc.

    And by senior worker,I don`t mean the one who is Hispanic.