Forget Service, Thats logistics!

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    Plane was diverted to another airport this morning due to storms in the area. Plane then had mechanical issues after trying to take off there to come here after storm cleared. Had to truck air in and arrived about 10:45. They sorted it out and came down the belts. Some air was put on what few extra trucks we and shuttled out to the routes by extra drivers. My manager even took some out in his personal vehicle. But, nearly 300 pieces were left in the building and scanned as "Missed at Destination Facitlity". The reason it was left is because the building has very few extra package cars and drivers. So the extended stuff and even some in town got left. Everything from flowers to "Refrigerate upon arrival" medicine. To me this is about as pathetic as it gets and a total disregard for our customers. I really dont see how they are able to just leave the packages until tomorrow, I guess "Thats Logistics". I was curious as to if this goes on else where and everyones thoughts?
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    In the old UPS we would have got them all delivered. But in the new UPS everyone is so over dispatched they cant volunteer to "get it done" when they get in coz their hours are already used up.
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    Yes that's logistics
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    The old ups, every package, every day, now days,---- E/C,--- KNOWN CLOSED--- OUT FOR DELEVERY SOMEWHERE, They really don't care about service, They say they do on TV, Sportschannels and so on. We as drivers see it everyday.
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    Don't those mechanics make a ton more money than everyone'd think there would not be any mechanical issues.
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    I'm still trying to wrap my head around 4 color prints for $1.00 and then he says "UPS Loves Logistics". Still trying to make the connection...
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    Everything is logistics
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    I remember not that long ago, we had a company that used us to ship their payroll. On Friday morning, there it would be at our center, but the company would be in AL. Hundreds of payroll checks in the package. And there it stayed until the air trailer left that evening.

    Happened three times in one month. Address and zip were fine, just somehow it got misrouted to us, along with dozens of other NDA packages. On day, it was more than you could carry in three two wheeler loads. All with good addresses, just misrouted. All service failures.

    But yet a few years prior, on Christmas eve, we got a misload for Kingston, with the wrong zip. As I was going to Disney early Christmas AM, and I had to go within a mile or so of where it was addressed, I delivered it on my way down to Fla. The people had just gotten up when I delivered it at 7AM.

    How things have changed.

    I guess I was a logistical nightmare.

  9. soberups

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    As unfortunate as the service failures are, I have to commend the manager who made the decision to scan the packages as "missed at destination facility" instead of "Emergency Conditions" or some other bogus excuse. At least in this case we were honest and our customers will be eligible for a refund instead of getting screwed over so that some sup could look good on a report.

    To an extent at least what happened was justifiable. The plane was grounded by weather and mechanical issues which were not something UPS has any control of.
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    UPS....the whole world's watching,or ,it will be soon.
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    I agree that atleast they can get a refund but we had 3 extra drivers sent home because they did not want to have to pay them to sit there and wait on the air. When they could have helped to take more air out instead of leaving it in the building. What caused the air to be late is justifiable. What caused the packages to have absolutely no delivery attempt made on them at all is not.
  12. soberups

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    I stand corrected, I assumed from reading your post that there were no extra drivers or vehicles available. If available drivers were sent home instead of being paid to service the packages, then UPS really screwed those customers over.
  13. UnsurePost

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    Local managements paid day staffing results were probably staggering, MIP worthy. It was probably cheaper and looked better to the shareholders for the pkgs to just sit there with the weather delay excuse than call back in 10 drivers and make excellent/ perfect service.
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    I realized I didnt include that in my original post. But yes, 3 drivers went home while 5 of us hung around till the air arrived. There was 1 or 2 800's sitting around back that could have been used to get more out. Mainly I just dont understand how UPS is able to do this. Seems like region would have a fit over it. But, like others have said it was probably more profitable to miss the packages instead service them.
  15. soberups

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    Here is the part that really galls me.

    I can accept the fact that UPS is perfectly entitled to make whatever business decisions it wishes to about the cost-effectiveness of delivering exception packages vs. paying a refund on them. What I can not the condescending, self-righteous lectures about the "importance of service" that we drivers are forced to sit through when facing disciplinary action for issues such as delivering NDA after the commit time or failing to unload all of our air volume into the shuttle. It can be a bit difficult to stomach when the guy who is busting my balls over an air package that I delivered 5 minutes late might himself be personally responsible for dozens of service failures every day.
  16. UnsurePost

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    That is definitely a good point. You can miss one air package by 5 seconds 10:30am (remember 10:30am is considered "late" lol) and be disciplined for service issues, yet in this case hundreds of air packages are just left sitting there because it was more profitable and not even an effort for service.
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    Exactly. I cant wait for a sales rep to come to a pcm in the next few weeks begging for sales leads to help "grow the buisness". I will definately have a few comments for him.
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    They will fire us in a heartbeat if we falsify records but its ok when they do it
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    We prefer to think of that as a fringe benefit.
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    I have to say UPSBluRdgo3 is right. UPS does not care about the air when it can be corrected even if it is late. We are from the same HUB and the preload have many part time air drivers that did ask if they could go out drive the air they were told "NO". The reason is they don't want to pay the over time. I would like to have my package even if it is late. They go after the drivers all the time for late air. Some days if not most the air does not get to our HUB until 715am or 730am. We are still unloading the ground as well. The drivers are all running around trying to get the air from the air sort or the preload slides. There is no service with UPS at all anymore.