Forget what the low level officers are saying... WHERE'S HOFFA??

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    With all the controversy surrounding this T.A. ( proposed contract ) where is JIMMY HOFFA? Why isnt HOFFA out front speaking about this contract from state to state? Why isnt HOFFA out here in the WEST explaining with some certainty, the circumstances surrounding the DECREASE in health coverage and INCREASE in costs for us in the southwest?

    Why isnt he out there speaking about the strength of the new language and highligting those strengths to everyone? Why isnt HOFFA's name being associated with this proposal??

    Well, the answer is simple. THIS CONTRACT SUCKS, and "HE" knows it.

    HOFFA is looking for political cover by separating himself from the contract.

    Like him or not, RON CAREY was out on the front lines in 1997 when times were tough. Brother CAREY went from state to state speaking long before we went on strike. He made the efforts to connect to the membership and unite us all. This kind of leadership won this strike in 1997 and today, "WE" are without this kind of leadership. TDU or not, crimes or not, Brother CAREY demonstrated the kind of leadership this union needed during the 1997 negotiations.

    TODAY, we havent heard a BLIP out of HOFFA. We know he cant explain this contract to us without having to acknowledege that "HE" and hall sold us out.

    We are attacking each other on this board, in the yards and on social media. This can be 100% blamed on Jimmy Hoffa's lack of leadership.

    Now, we are stuck with low level officers attempting to give us the song and dance and misinformation that keeps us fighting with each other. One thing is for sure, UPS is laughing at us all.

    How do you feel being the butt of the joke now?


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    Agreed. Where's Hoffa???
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    This TA sucks. It might pass because I have spoken to more than one bonehead at my hub who voted yes. I asked them about increased healthcare costs for us. " Oh, I didn't read about that". LMFAO
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    Hoffa/hall could care less... We've had the same problems for years on 9.5 violations, harassment, etc they choose not to address the problem and it only gets worse

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    That is because they are over confident. That it will pass. Hoffa moved on. Hopefully he will be shocked.
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    I love how they try to explain things, like, "the company sent out letters to the retirees that said that they would have to pay $750.00 a month for health care, but we were able to negotiate better terms for our retirees that are Half of what the company wanted.."

    This is suppose to give the impression that they won the battle. Let me put it another way , and see if that makes sense to you...

    " the other football team wanted to beat us by 5 touchdowns, but we were able to only lose by 2 touchdowns and a field goal"...

    Either way, ITS A LOSS.

    How does either explanation make anything better?

    I want answers from HOFFA.


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    The explanation will be better when Ron H gets voted the hell out and replaces the lowest seniority person in the hub and loses his 4 salaries and at least 3 pensions.
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    Duh, in the Caribbean. He spends April through October there. He's got to rest for his winter vacations.
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    Maybe Hoffa is still dealing with this...

    "Teamsters head Hoffa tries to squash his own employees’ union"
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  10. Karma is a bitch

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    Carey was the best there was and best there will ever be. Here at 804 we love d him. Its a NO here at 804, 43 rd st