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    Just wanted to let everyone here know that if you do get let go it's not the end of the world. I was terminated for falsifying. I made the mistake of giving my Div. manager my login and pass so he could enter in the daily numbers on a website after Saturday air. He then used it every day to ensure our center made PPH because I would not fix the numbers. I noticed it and had a talk w/ my manager and as soon as div. caught wind, I was blamed and had no foot to stand on. My Bad! Dumb move! Having said that UPS did teach me a lot and an entirely different work ethic from the rest of the world. I had no problem finding work and you will soon find out that you are more than capable of handling everyday things that the rest of the world sees as a problem or crisis. I feel for you guy's and what you work in heat, pressure, threats etc.. Keep you heads up and continue the great work that you do in spite of the hurdles you face! I guess they were right when I left driving and went into management that if you are nice and respect your employees then you won't last long!
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    I know several former UPS FT managerial employees who've left the company in recent years -- some voluntarily, some involuntarily -- who've easily found work, sometimes in higher paying jobs. UPS is gold on a resume, apparently.

    Best wishes to you.
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    Thanks, Pure gold! I do owe UPS that. I was turning down jobs, good jobs right and left.
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    your set up to fail,, hope you make 10x more at a normal company and have a better quality of life
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    Hope you find a place that values your integrity and work ethic, compensating you appropriately. Least it didn't take you 20 years to figure out you were always one step away from being replaced.
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    " I feel for you guy's and what you work in heat, pressure, threats etc" It took you this long until you got canned to realize this. You sound like another management hypocrite to me. You deserved it. Glad I made the union, I had to straighten some things out with my part time supervisor on the 3rd day after after I made union.
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    you aint even know it,
    slow down and read the original post because you actually sound like the hypocrite.

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    He doesn't come across as "another management hypocrite" to the other 99% of readers in this forum.
    Matter of fact, he sounds like a few supervisors I've had who cared and respected their employees.

    PS - There are many threads on this forum you can go "full on union", unfortunately you just went "full on retard" :wellduh:
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    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Believe it or not, there are plenty of great people working at ups, hourly, AND management.
    It's questionable if you fit in that category.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Once you go full on special, there's no coming back.
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    Keep climbing that hill, Kappamassacre!
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    We will just call you "ED" from now on....kay?

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Only when your not wearing the helmet.
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    As for the negative comments, No , it only took months to realize I was one step away, always are, always will be. I still have many good friends who work there and most if not all are miserable. Never said anything about the people, just the environment. As for You ain't even know it, I'm glad you straightened out a part-time sup. Brave man you are! Most of you on here appear to be self respectable people, hard working UPS'ers, but just like the time I spent there, there are those who spend more time complaining about work, than doing it! Way to go You ain't even got no sense!
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    Don't worry about it, he/she has quickly established itself as one of the most disliked and least-respected members on here.
    ‚ÄčThe worse thing one can do is respond to it.
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    Indeed true. After I retired from UPS, even at age 58, I was getting job offers everywhere I applied.
    I accepted a job at a 501c3 related to the arts (photography) at less pay but I love it.
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    Same here, Less pay, no stress and look forward to coming to work!
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    Didn't you suspect something when your division manager asked to login as you instead of himself? You got burned because you were too trusting and hung your ars out in the wind. Didn't you realize where you were? UPS management is full of dishonorable trash that will step on good people to get ahead. You can't simply give your all and act with integrity at UPS. You must collect dirt on and guard against those who have embraced UPS' culture of success through dishonesty.
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    Yep, I was on vacation and as I said it was my bad. I never should have done it, but then again you know how that would have gone! It was totally my fault! I should have never done it, but I did because I was out of town and so was the pre-load and center manager. Just trying to help out and got smoked!
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    What a horrible way to live.