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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by Shiv, Jan 23, 2015.

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    Quick and simple question. I used to be a primary inbounds supervisor at the commerce city hub for a few years, but I quit to move back north to be with family that needed my help. Unfortunately, things haven't been working out too great the last few months up here and i'm on the hunt again. My question is whether or not i'm elligible for employment with the company again as a package handler, which is what i've applied for, after being a former supervisor. I know we were told from the get go, we can't go back to the union from being a supervisor, but I'm wondering if that applies to starting as a fresh employee in a new location.
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    I am assuming you were a PT sup. At least in my building UPS can't keep enough PT employees. May just hire you right back into a PT sup job if that is what you want.
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    Yes, it can happen. I've seen a few former sups being rehired as hourlies.
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    Just out of prison?
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    I'm pretty sure you can just walk in with a clipboard and an arrogant smile, and no one will notice.