Former UPS employee accused of stealing iPhone X

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    Former UPS employee accused of stealing iPhone X - WDRB

    A former UPS employee has been arrested months after police say he stole an iPhone X.

    According to an arrest warrant, 33-year-old Jonas Mbonihankuye was employed with UPS back in July, when he removed a package from a UPS truck and took it with him into the bathroom.

    Police say that package contained an iPhone X, worth $1,200. He then took the iPhone from the package and kept it, according to the warrant.
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    he must of activated it
  3. retiredTxfeeder

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    There is nothing in those packages that is worth stealing, IMHO.
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    He must have tried to. ESN was blacklisted the moment it was reported stolen. The second someone keyed in the ESN of that device into a screen trying to put it on a network - game over.
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    Only thing one of those stolen phones are good for is parts. But every year some idiot will try to activate one anyway.
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    I'd arrest him just for having a last name like that.