Former worker sues UPS near New Stanton for termination

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    Former worker sues UPS near New Stanton for termination - Pittsburgh Tribune Review

    A former manager at a United Parcel Service distribution center near New Stanton has filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming it fired him for befriending a female co-worker.

    According to the lawsuit, both ******* and the unnamed woman were questioned by company officials about their relationship. Millstein said the UPS fraternization policy requires that one of the people in a relationship must leave the company, but the couple can decide which person will resign.
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    This wasn't the first time he was shopping for love under a UPS box. Managers have always shipped first class till they make someone mad, and then get outted. Good luck package handler!
  3. User Name

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    67,920 is all he was receiving after a 30yr career?
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    I was thinking the same thing thats really not alot of money. Also if he had 30 years in just call it a career and friggin retire already. Funny if you think about it he was fired for screwing a fellow upser, but in the long run Ups gave him the biggest screwing of all!!!
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    Mgt can not retire until they are 55 years old. If you retire prior to 55, you lose 60% of your retirement pension and all medical benefits.
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    Wow, I did not know this.:surprised:
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    This policy is so subject to where you live...and who you are!! There are many situations like this....
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    Wasn't there a thread in which the original poster postulated that ups was actively pursuing a policy where ups would lean more heavily on ups managers getting close to 55, in an effort to get them to quit before they hit 55? (where presumably , it would cost ups more money in pension and medical benefits cost)
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    Was he in LP at one time?
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    They treat their managers like crap too: