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  1. island1fox

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    Many, many , many years UPS was on the top of this list --- shame to see that -----hard for me to even say this ---Fdx has taken over the top spot. I think that many of us will agree ---time for something to change.:sad:
  2. psstdrvr

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    Time to boot out the Mikey and Scotty show, its become the laughing stock of our peers.
  3. ImpactedTSG

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    That is what promotions based on skin color and cutbacks based on length of service instead of skills will do for ya. I saw people fresh out of college get promoted over people in TSG with 10+ years of experience because of gender or skin color. They put these people in positions of great responsibility and they have no clue about how a center runs. Then they are going to tell drivers how to more efficiently deliver a route they have spent years on? It's a shame what the company has become.
  4. local804

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    Agree totally
  5. Dutch Dawg

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    It will be forthcoming soon. They will change the wording to next year's ERI to produce more favorable results. Oh my....while that statment may be a bit tongue in cheek. There is an element of truth to it.
  6. ImpactedTSG

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    Nope just a few more pizzas and donuts around ERI time.
  7. upsdawg

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    I for one would like to see UPS get back to being "EMPLOYEE" owned---management and hourly alike----and get rid of the Teamsters and replace the pension with a 100% 401k Match with no limits!! Than it would no longer be a you against me thing, but everyone would have a vested interest to make sure that we kick our competition's butts!!
  8. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I guess UPS corporate is more worried about winning the "most diversified" award than anything else. It's biting them in the rear right about now. I have always thought that "affirmative action" is a cancer of the work force.

    I think that another problem is that management seems to think that if someone has a college degree then they are automatically ready to run things better than the next guy even if they have never worked at UPS. Example: IE and their loops that are supposedly "fat with allowance."

    On a positive note: I wouldn't worry too much about the "most admired" award. UPS seems to come ahead of FDX in just about any other category. I don't look at polls that much but It seems like when ever I do UPS is way ahead of FedEx. The category that catches my eye more than any other is the category called PROFITS.
  9. DS

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    The funny thing is,WE KNOW management reads every word
    we post on here.They dont need an ERI.Yet nothing changes
    for the better.Its the old ups policy Its our company and we`ll
    run it the way we want.The only reason microsoft has done so well was because of Bill Gates and crew realizing that you
    have to give people what they want.With ups all we offer is
    a service,and what they want is thier package.Its so easy,
    yet the upsGODSneed to keep the top shareholders
    happy and instruct their management teams to respond to
    lack of production with strict dicipline in spite of the innaccurate time studys,pas,edd etc...otherwise they run
    the risk of not getting good honest sups that
    used to be drivers are being turned into corporate tools.
  10. rockymtnupser

    rockymtnupser rockymtnupser

    Maybe it has to do with the fact that FDX trucks are kept clean. Their drivers are allowed customer contact time. And they aint drivin around the block 6 times because of pas.
  11. Channahon

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    Top shareholders would be who?
    As far as discipline do you think that may be reflective of the labor climate? I've seen UPS and labor get along well and I've seen them treat each other like ex-spouses. And I'm talking District Labor Managers and Business Agents. As you know, that's where a lot of the give and take goes on in a political arena.
  12. Overpaid Union Thug

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  13. local804

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    LOL .
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    I have to agree with you.