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    Today In Dishonest Fox News Charts | Media Matters for America




    LOL ^^ Notice the 8.6% of November is higher than the 8.8% of March, and around the same as 9% of October??



    Sad that anyone actually takes them seriously, esp the usual suspects here.
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    The usual suspects will deny watching FOXED SPEWS but will still "recite" everything they say word for word, topic by topic everyday.

    The falsehoods are very subtle and most FOXED watchers are not smart enough to know that they are being misled. It all sounds so real so why question it?

    Phoney charts, phoney photos and such is the MO for Rupert Murdoch who stands to gain from the republicans gaining power.

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    Thanks for the RT segment. I consider all of mainstream media nothing more than a type "ministry of truth" for INGSOC whose purpose it is to project a certain narrative on the greater public design to promote non-thinking.

    BTW: Thanks for the MegaDeath vid in the other forum. Because of it's overt political nature, I won't respond there on it to keep that area devoted to what it is but I did appreciate it. The ratings system PMRC ultimately pushed onto the industry ended up having the exact opposite effect it had intended. Kids went out looking specifically for albums with explicit content and the rating system made them easier to find. I also remember Frank Zappa and Dee Snyder testifying before Congress and kicking some serious ass in the process.
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    OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism
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    Like I said earlier....Only FOX has ever made a mistake !!

    Oh, that's why the Communications archives are filled with bloopers and outtakes of new's shows........and they all happened at FoX. If you believe that, then I have some solar panels I can let you have cheap!!
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    Oh MORE, now you have to accept this video of BUSH doing what he calls the ONE FINGER VICTORY SALUTE!

    Bush middle finger - YouTube

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    It's about the NEWS NETWORKS, not the politicians.
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    Are the panels from Solyndra?
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    Faking the News (an Abbott and Costello moment at minute 7)

    And what about Libya (notice the gun that must be attached to the car's rear bumper to maintain sound level)

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    Fox has a lot of "commentator" shows.....(Hannity, O'reilly, etc) Those are not news shows. The news shows are earlier in the day and you have to know the difference.
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    Typical leftwing blather towards FOX news. Keep drinking the kool-aid that your Liberal media feeds you.

    Hardcore lefty Liberals (AKA Obama Kool-aid drinkers) hate FOX news because it is the only news that will tell what the rest of the MSM wont. Ever since FOX news became popular, the left have done anything they can to discredit it. When the left fears something, they have to try and tear it down. Just look at how much money the Liberals grand dad George Soros has pumped into trashing FOX news. Its funny how popular FOX is...even the left watches it more than the MSM. Just look at the lefty loons here that watch it all the time.
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    I think that is what 804 among others have been saying so seems on that point you all agree.
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    LOL, Fox "news" is part of the MSM!! DUH!! Do yourself a favor turn off the TV. They are all just want to sell you soap. None will say anything that would hurt their corporate sponsors or get at the root of our problems. The corporate/mainstream media are part of the establishment: some conservative, some centrist, some liberal.
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    FOXED only has ONE news show in its entire lineup and thats SHEPARD SMITH. The rest of the entire day is spent on OPINION SHOWS, not commentator shows. From 6am to the wee hours, each hour is filled with OPINIONS and talking heads and word doctors.

    They use the same guests day after day, to say the same thing over and over. Nothing new, nothing worldly to report, all opinion. Just the like the new foxed business channel with stewart varney, that show is NO MORE a business show than Hannity is a news show.

    Varney spends the hour ramming through the same talking heads, blasting obama and talking about politics instead of market trends, hot stocks, or business related data.

    For those desperate to hear what they want to hear, FOXED SPEWS is the place to hang out for the days thoughts.

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    Smith is all opinion.....See, you can't tell the difference. Too many sunbeams!
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    You guys are arguing over the news in a purely political narrative, a narrative which IMO was created as an illusion by INGSOC's Ministry of Truth. Regardless of how you guys wants to spin it, no MSM outlet really tells a different story from the rest but rather use various buzz words to make it seem like it's different.

    What would you say if for example that I could show where every newspaper in the country was owned by 6 people and then I could show where these 6 people belong to the same organizations, the same clubs and often share the same ideas for example when asked to speak to any gov't body when it pertains to the newspaper business. Now whether you believed in some conspiracy or not, at least your trust in these organizations as being independent of one another and actually being that much different from would likely lay in serious doubt. That would be a natural and in fact a healthy skepticism to have.

    But what if you found out that the MSM as we typically know it was owned by only 6 entities? What then?