Fox News not welcomed by DNC protesters

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by diesel96, Aug 24, 2008.

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    This is just a clip of what happens when the ******* protesters get on TV. Stupidity grows when there's a group. Mile high city, no oxygen to keep the brain functioning and probably too much Coors too.
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    Watch it're skating on thin ice !!
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    SKATING! I'm the guy who likes to smash it and rip it to pieces!
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    Some real winners in that video. DNC protesters really should go out into the world and get themselves a J..O..B and maybe they wouldn't be so bent out of shape about this country. Although I do find it humorous that those protests have more in common with the party they are protesting, than the RNC protesters have with the republicans.
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    lol, I'm not happy with fox being fair and balanced so I'm going to deny them the opportunity to cover my extremist agenda.
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    Come on Wkmac, you must feel like one of Micheal Vick's pit bulls who just got his leash and muzzle released....sic em.......or do we have to euthanize ya.

    Let me just add a few things here....first, Fox news staffers knew what they were getting themselves into by mixing it up inside the protesters boundries.

    Secondly, no doubt, mixed in with the law abiding protesters there are some extremists, thugs and hoodlums that cross the line, but so does this administration.

    Thirdly, the protesters ire directed at elected Democrats are for getting in bed with your beloved republicans.

    Excluding the extremist, thugs and hoodlums (who knows what makes them tick), but keep in mind these demonstraters don't neccessarily hate their country.....they hate their Gov't/corperate alliances and the policies they enforce, neglect and represent. I wouldn't neccessarily link them to Democrats or Liberals because they seem to be doing more harm than good protesting at the DNC. I know they would rather have niether, but if they had to chose one of the big two, my question to the protesters is, Would they rather have neo-conservative republicans retained for another four years or progressive Democrats?
  9. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Who really gives a %*&@ what a bunch of left-wing protestors have to say about anything. Maybe they would do themselves a favor by heading down to the local employment office there in Denver.
  10. Jones

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    Well, they do have FOX news following them around and acting like it's a big story.
  11. Overpaid Union Thug

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    If you think Fox isn't following them around with the sole purpose of discrediting them (usually not hard to discredit left-wing protesters) and letting people see how foolish those mobs are then you haven't been watching Fox very long. :happy-very: Plus, Fox News, along with any other network, thinks everything is a big story but the average joe just ignores those protesters.
  12. scratch

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    And this shows how stupid these protesters are. They had a chance for their views to be shown on the biggest cable news network, but cuss Fox out instead. The DNC made sure these kooks were out of sight, I haven't noticed any NBC coverage for them.
  13. Jones

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    Well, you've hit on one of the reasons I don't watch Fox (or any network news these days). Call me crazy but I just don't think that it's the role of a news organization to follow protesters around "for the sole purpose of discrediting them".

    Scratch, I suspect that the protesters realized the exact same thing that Big did, ie, FOX's sole purpose was to discredit them and make them look foolish. I may not agree with the protesters, but I don't blame them for not trusting FOX news either.
  14. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I would think that the protesters would view it as an opportunity to explain their points of view (why they are protesting). Not trust FOX? I guess I wouldn't either if I knew that they were the only news source that would actually question and destroy their credibility. I guess its easier to turn tail and run for the CNN and MSNBC booths for shelter. Besides....those networks absorb left wing propaganda like a sponge.