Franklin Johnson -Rest in Peace


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Frank Johnson was a lifelong Local 804 member. He worked as a clerk for forever. I worked with him the last 10 years and feel the need to say how much he was loved at the Manhattan North building. He was a big bear of a guy who LOVED coming into work and would give you the shirt off of his back if asked to. In those ten years he called in sick maybe 7 times. Loved his overtime and I used to think it was the money but came to realize that he loved being with people and where could you find more people that you know in one place than in the center you worked from? Everyone has been trying to get him to put his retirement papers in (he had plenty of time in) for the longest time. I always joked that I would retire before him even though he had like 10 years more than me. When I was able to retire on the 1st of January he had taken sick. Never did come back to work and I am sorry that I did not get to see him near the end as I moved to Arizona.He never liked to talk about himself. To this day he is a mystery to most of us but we loved him anyway.

Sorry for rambling. Thanks for letting me get this all out. To those of you who never knew him it is your loss. To those of us who did it was our gain.

Rest Franklin, wherever you are.