Fred And The Enormous Purple Porpoise


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Have the rest of you noticed that they've dragged Fred away from his political duties in Washington DC to mercilessly flog the Purple Porpoise as of late? First the "Come to Jesus" letter, then the mailing, and now he shows-up on Frontline spewing the corporate line of BS. The funny part is that Mr Smith is now just as highly reviled as he was once respected. His credibility is so low as to be laughable, yet there he is as if he's watching over us like the shepard over his flock. Several drivers laughed out loud while watching the video, even though management was in the room. I don't think they're even buying into the propaganda anymore. It's just pathetic.


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Those frontline videos have been laughed at for the longest time.
More so as of the last few years.
Fedex has pushed too hard and thankfully, out of that bullying, the eyes of most employees have truly been opened to the truth.
What's still lacking from the employees is action.
So long as there is no union in place, employees are left with two options in getting pushed to the limit: Stay and take it, or find another place to work.
Seems like a losing battle if you stay.
As we all know, there is no reliable respresentation.
HR is a complete joke, at least at the station I worked.
The HR rep was buddy-buddy with management, so we know we couldn't rely on her to respresent our best interests.
Not to mention she was completely inept. It was a big, ugly joke.
All she needed was the red nose, big goofy shoes, and the red afro wig.

Getting back to the frontline videos, I always found them to be an insult to my intelligence.
How dare the makers of these videos think I was some sheep in the herd?
How dare they think I would see the videos as anything but wanna-be brainwashing?
One of the managers at my station was somewhat down-to-earth. When he came in the breakroom while I was viewing the video, I would point to it and smirk.
He'd just give a quick smirk back. He knew what I was getting at.

I still visit the station once a month or so to see my fellow ex-employees.
I got to watch one or two frontline videos with them over the last 5 or 6 months. They're just so damn comical.


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Boy our Frontline boasts how the great basin district had the best quarter in a long time..
and the best Payout anyone recieved was $50, for someone who has been with the company for 19 years...
I have no idea how any of these guys can support their families 4-5 kids....each

very skerry

i was an employee of fed ex for 7 years. the place had to be the worst place i ever worked, you have to work for managers that were lying on there confirmation day. if your not full of :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: do your self and your family a favor and get the hell away from them. they will ruin you and steal your dreams. one final word on this, Fred S should be removed and the union should take the corporation over and try to make the employees whole again. god bless america and the unions we need them back.