Fred and the US Postal Service

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    I wonder if the Grinch is rubbing his grubby little claws together over the prospect of the USPS cutting services and/or downsizing operations. It's no secret that the GOP would love to shut the whole thing down and "privatize" it. Gee, what Montgomery Burns type CEO would benefit from that? Why Frederick Weasel Smith, of course.

    Let's see. Fred already flies Express and Priority Mail airport to airport under contract. Think he'd like to take over delivery and flight of those products? You bet he would. Ending Saturday service? Another wad of $$$ for Fred!!

    Wait, there's more!! What if the Republicans shut the whole place down? $$$$$$$!!!!! 7-7-7!!!

    The USPS is actually profitable, but has been saddled with a requirement to fully fund it's pension obligations 75 years into the future. This equals tremendous deficits, which can be exploited by Fred's GOP Pocket Poodles in order to make the USPS look like a losing proposition and to drive more business over to FedEx.

    Wow, what a wonderful American you are Mr. Smith. You are truly "exceptional".
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    Im still uncertain how fred would benefit from this profit wise, but im sure he would find a way. We are the usps largest contract, if anything, I think it would remove 1/3 of agfs employees, and give him the excuse he needs to downsize or make the drastic changes that have been looming on the dgo side.... I guess I can see the benefit, even if it doesnt hit fedex financially, he'll still have the excuse that it did to justify taking more from us. Be the perfect excuse to say for example, give ground all 2/3 day freight, downgrade all express couriers to Part time delivering FO/PO1/AM 2 day only. Or make all fedex couriers routes independently owned contractors like ground, we get the option to work for who buys our route or leave. Been told this by a manager who is now retired this is fedex plan and he started as a flying tiger, and the excuse they are waiting for is the usps contract to end or unionization to take hold.
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    Where are you seeing any of this per the Post Office? I can understand being critical of things they are actually doing, but it appears you are saying the potential is there for exploitation so criticize Fred Smith now because he might potentially benefit from the Post Office's demise somewhere down the road. That's a bit extreme don't you think? And don't you think you are being a bit obvious with the GOP bashing given the upcoming election? The current administration doesn't seem to have any answers to improving the economy. If they can turn it around before the election they'll probably win. But nothing indicates they will, so demonizing the opposition seems to be the only avenue Democrats have in a desperate bid to remain in power. People see through the class warfare rhetoric. What they want are jobs. And that's why the Democrats are going to lose. To create jobs you have to create conditions where some will do very well. The extremists controlling the Democrat Party just can't stomach that idea. Their attempts to tax those who do well will keep the wealthy from investing their money and improving the economy. So the Dems are doing it to themselves with their ideology. And voters are aware of this. Only the fanatics truly believe it's completely the Republicans' fault. The Republicans are no angels, and IMO are more typically greedier, more money oriented. But it's that drive to make money that creates opportunities for average Joes. Big Government jobs can only go so far without a vibrant private sector paying those taxes. So please give the Republicans their due. Besides, without Republicans to demonize public scrutiny would be on backroom dealing Democrats, and that's not pretty either.