Fred gave me my first BZ today

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  1. The title sounds naughty, but it is not. I received my first BZ (Bravo Zulu) today at my station. I did not know why, but apparently some one thinks I did a good job. Either that or the upper managers have a sense of humor and I am the laughing stock of their inner circle. Probably the latter. I strive to do a mediocre job at best, just enough to keep from being fired or them forcing me into doing manual labor (i.e. courier) again. As a courier, I can't lock myself away and play Angry Birds Star Wars (fantastic game) all day. I promptly made my Bravo Zulu into a mediocre airplane and threw it towards the trash. I do not know if I made it, because my paper airplanes receive the same amount of detail as my work at FedEx. Just enough to fly, but not enough to go very far. The award made me feel good and bad at the same time. Kind of like when you eat too much juevos rancheros and salsa and have to make #2 all day (vantexan knows this feeling). Eating it sure feels good, but you are nauseous the next day.
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    A great illustration of exactly what a BZ is worth these One would think they'd at least give you $25 so you could buy a quart of vodka and temporarily forget that you work for this shathole organization. Maybe that's why vantexan has been so grumpy lately...too much huevos rancheros and Tea Party crazy make for some real long spells on the crapper getting all of that bile out of your system.
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    Yeah our bravo zulo "mandatory hour" break. need 100% compliance. NO explanation of why it would benefit anything. we have people quitting left and right. really pretty funny watching it all come undone. just hope express is around in a year to still comment on BC.
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    You mean huevos rancheros? Really, nauseous and going all day? Wussy! I'm not happy with the heat until it makes me sweat!
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    ​If you can't handle jalapeños then I understand why you are grumpy all the time...
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    FedEx makes me want to go #2 all the time.