Fred Smith - Slurs used to describe him

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  1. Monkey Butt

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    punk and a scab


    He is Satan's spawn

    slimy and sleazy

    Fred would sell his own mother

    maniacal tyrant


    Slimy bastard

    Satan's Child

    Hater of Unions




    Help list them all ... I know I missed a few.
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  2. dannyboy

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    This is a hoax, right? While he is a competitor, posting a thread like this does what?

    And if we did it amongst each other, we would be banned.

    So what is the difference?

  3. Monkey Butt

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    I copied and pasted these from posts that have been made on Brown Cafe.

    My intent was to show the absurdity of these type of invectives ... It seems you agree! :wink2:
  4. dannyboy

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    I do.

    I understand the situation that the people that called him those names are in. He is a very smart business man that will keep his baby afloat at all costs. And he also knows that if he stands by and does nothing, he will end up with a unionized workforce, so he is out to do whatever it takes to stop it.

    I still think that before he allows it to become a union company, he will shut it down.

    I believe that he is that anti union.



    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    You know its weird that Mr. Fedex slams F. Smith on just about every post. Its disturbing that he's so pro-IPS while he is an active employee for FDX. He wants us to believe he's some kind of inside mole for BC and frankly we could care less what he thinks about FDX.

    All I can say is thank God I don't work with this guy, he is one unhappy S.O.B..
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    Waste of server space.
  7. over9five

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    I've heard that before, but I have a hard time believing that the Fedex BOD would allow this. I just can't imagine, "Oh sure Fred, shut us down. Whatever you want. Money? Oh we don't need any. Stockholders? **** 'em!"

    Fred can't make that decision, he doesn't have the authority. It is a scare tactic.
  8. MrFedEx

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    Thanks. I'm not pro-UPS, except on the issue of the Brown Bailout fiasco, and I'm no mole for you either. UPS is a powerful ally in the effort to get FedEx unionized, and that's my goal as well.

    Here's why I detest Smith, as do many other FedEx employees, particularly as of late with the Boeing deal and his current game. The guy is a scoundrel, who has done everything possible to us as employees to take income away from us. I'm not going to list all the takeaways, but they are extensive and have been going on for years.

    FedEx used to be a great company to work for. Fred deserves credit for what is used to be, but he also deserves the blame for bringing it down to the level of today, which is WalMart on wheels. Smith threw us under the bus, and continues to do so because up until now, he's been unstoppable.

    That said, how can you expect me to be a loyal supporter of either FedEx or Mr Smith? I, and many others, are just putting in our time until we can get out. Hopefully, we'll get some sort of retirement plan back if Smith loses on the RLA and we go union. Imagine how you would view your CEO if your pension disappeared, your wages were at 1992 levels, and your benefits package were gutted. Luckily, none of that has happened at UPS.

    Since you don't work for Mr Smith, your comments reflect your lack of awareness about both him as a "leader" and FedEx as a whole. If you don't like my posts, you're free to ignore them.
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  10. some1else

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    im fred smith jr.

    in my business school im going to come up with a great proposal for a delivery company!

    pay off some bureaucrats; get my company set up such that it cant be unionized, save 30+% on employee compensation, undercut competition's prices...
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    After seeing the Whiteboard ad, I think this pretty much describes him.
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    Not quite - MrfedEx wanted me to add smarmy and greasy in honor of Andy's (the Whiteboard guy) imitator.
  13. JimJimmyJames

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    It all depends on where you are at in life. If we could turn back the clock (forbid the thought), I had so much dislike for my company that if it wasn't for having a family, and everything that entails, I would have quit. I wouldn't even wear brown colored clothes on my personal time!

    But now that I have transferred to a job within the company I like very much I have a whole different attitude. I take great pride in my job. I now collect UPS memorabilia!

    I personally appreciate MrFedEx's contributions to the Cafe. And we should hope there are more employess like him who want to fight for what is due them. For in that fight we UPSERS can benefit. For when FedEx finally pays their employees what they have rightfully earned, FedEx will have to compete with us on a level playing field.
  14. bubsdad

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    Well said.