Fred Throws a Tantrum

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, May 23, 2009.

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    Now that the House has denied Fred his special exemption, he's really mad. And to show us, he's throwing another big tantrum by threatening to kill his deal to buy 777's from Boeing (again).

    Well, boo hoo, Freddie. You've had your way for 35 years, and now that one of the other kids in the class is going to get his turn, you're red in the face with tears streaming down your cheeks, arms and legs flailing away in the air.

    Wait until Mommy (the Senate) tells you that Mr Hoffa gets to ride your bike. Boy, are you really going to throw a sheet fit that will show us who's really boss.

    If I were the Boeing company, I'd refuse to do business with you because you're such a spoiled little piece of crap. Their planes are too good for you. You'll have to cut a deal with those socialist French and buy their inferior Airbus planes instead. What will your Republican friends say then?
    I'm sure Boeing offered you a good price on their aircraft, especially in today's market. If you do eventually come crawling back to them, I hope they jack-up the price to reflect your conduct.

    Your employees are waiting to ride the bike too. And they're going to let all the other kids in the neighborhood ride it. I hear the SFA this year confirms what you already know....that we're going to overwhelmingly send you a message that we're fed-up with your BS and go Teamster.

    To those who have cried crocodile tears for Fred because of the "Democratic Socialists" who have engineered all of this, here's a reality check. If FedEx really was a great place to work, Smith could care less about the RLA, because we'd vote it down in a heartbeat, But, FedEx is a lousy place to work, so he's scared to death because he knows exactly what's going to happen.

    Payback is hell, so get ready to open-up that wallet and let a few of the moths out.
  2. Broke

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    It's not like we're all going to ask for a fortune or anything.We would just like to be within a couple of dollars an hr of UPS drivers and have comparable benefits. The management at this company has got to be the most selfish and self centered group of people on this planet.

    I'll give some examples of what I've been told by my station ops managers and senior manager in the past when I've asked about reaching top pay faster.
    "If you don't like it quit"

    "I wouldn't worry about ever reaching top pay"

    "Why would you want to top out? You won't have anything to look forward to if we top you out"

    "If you're here for the money, you need to leave"

    Needless to say, I'll keep all this in mind when its time to vote for the Teamsters.
  3. MrFedEx

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    Yes, all true. One of the nice things about this site is it's anonymity. Maybe I'm just a courier or maybe I'm one of Fred's Germantown MBA's who has seen enough of a Napoleonic megalomaniac at work. Perhaps I even report to one of Fred's VP's, or maybe I'm just a courier who knows more than most. You can decide.

    It's truly sickening to see what Mr Smith has done to what used to be a good company. You are absoulutely right that most employees would have been happy if wages and benefits had just kept pace with inflation, and not had their retirement plan eliminated.

    There are those in Memphis who do not necessarily disagree with you, but they are in no position to act because to do so would be career suicide. They know employees "know" that they are getting shafted, It's just amazing that the charade has gone on for so long. If they want to stay employed, they will keep spinning the PSP and Purple Promise tales over and over again, even though they know the field employees just laugh at it. It's what Fred wants, so they do it.

    I'm going to enjoy watching Smith squirm. He deserves it.
  4. Monkey Butt

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    Come on dude!
    This is just too easy, I'm going to pass it up.

    Do you bend over at work and say "Kick me in the Butt?"

    It brings back memories of a saying that my mother used to say.:rolleyes2:
  5. MrFedEx

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    Just being there every day is being kicked in the butt. The question remains....none of us really know who is who or what they do. There have been a few people on here who may not be what they seem. Friends in high places often have information not usually accessible by the general work population.
  6. Broke

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    Who are you referring to?
  7. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I've been out of the loop lately. Did FedEx lose the exemption? Or is it still pending?
  8. MrFedEx

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    Still pending. The House approved ending the exemption and now it has to go to the Senate.
  9. MrFedEx

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    Nobody in particular. I was just pointing out that nobody really knows who anyone else is here, so (hypothetically) someone from the FedEx (or UPS) inner sanctum could be posting here and we'd never know it.

    I've got a couple contacts in MEM who are highly placed. It's possible they could get on here and give us the inside story. Just theorizing...
  10. Broke

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    It still has to pass the Senate.
  11. Overpaid Union Thug

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    This is one of those rare occasions where I'm glad to have a Democrat majority in there. I'll admit that my interest in this stems only from my own desire to keep UPS on top. I'm not at all worried about us being overtaken by FedEx. My interest is this..... Shipping rates for FedEx Express and UPS are usually neck and neck. Sometimes UPS is cheaper. Sometimes not. If FedEx unionizes I'm sure wages will go up. Not guaranteed but highly likely. We've been on top of the game for all these years without a level playing field. I'm anxious to see what will happen with a level playing field. Could spell trouble for FedEx Express.
  12. Broke

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    Fred knew that this day would eventually come around so why didn't he prepare for it?

    Why do we have so many high paid executives and vice presidents?

    Why do we spend so much money in legal fees defending illegal actions that we will eventually lose?

    Why do we have so many corporate jets?

    In my opinion if we eventually get unionized it might actually save us money because the company will be forced to make smarter decisions.
  13. MrFedEx

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    Very well said.
  14. Ghost in the Darkness

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    Plus Fedex owes all that money in back taxes.
  15. moreluck

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    UPS response to FDX

    Why the Railway Labor Act Must Be Amended

    No Rhetoric, No Spin, No Multi-million Dollar Campaign to Distort Reality…

    Despite its efforts to distort the truth, FedEx Express can't avoid the facts: its drivers do the same job as every other driver in the industry, including UPS drivers. The Railway Labor Act (RLA) must be amended to eliminate the special treatment received by FedEx due to the unequal application of labor laws.
    Ten Very Basic Facts
    Fact despite the name-calling by FedEx, this issue is about fairness in competition and correcting a long-standing earmark provided to FedEx. Fact:UPS wants Congress to eliminate special treatment provided to FedEx and place FedEx Express drivers and other ground employees under the appropriate labor law, the National Labor Relations Act.
    Fact:UPS is the strongest company in its industry and is not seeking a "bailout" from Congress…the company is working to eliminate the earmark given to FedEx. Fact:FedEx Express is the only company in the express delivery industry with its drivers, loaders and sorters governed by the RLA, a law designed for airlines and railroads. Fact:UPS and FedEx have similar operations and both transport packages by airplane. However, your package isn't delivered to your door by a pilot of an airplane. The package must be placed on a truck and is driven by a delivery driver to your place of business or home.
    Fact:UPS and FedEx both deliver approximately 2.5 million express packages each day.Fact:The only unionized FedEx employee group is its RLA-governed pilots group. There is no factual basis for FedEx's assertion that placing the appropriate employees under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) means immediate unionization for the company.
    Fact:FedEx currently has more than 100,000 NLRA-governed employees who are not unionized. Yet, the company is trying to convince the U.S. Congress and customers that amending the RLA will increase its labor costs. FedEx's history doesn't demonstrate that its NLRA-governed employees will be unionized. Fact:Amending the RLA will appropriately level the playing field in the express delivery industry.
    Fact:Telling the truth doesn't cost anything…especially a multi-million dollar campaign. As part of its "multi-million dollar lobbying campaign," FedEx stated in a June 9 press release that "UPS and FedEx are fundamentally different companies." Really? Someone needs to read Fact #10.
  16. tonyexpress

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    FedEx's spokesman:

    “Americans shouldn’t tolerate more bailouts for companies that can’t compete,” FedEx spokesman Maury Lane said in an e- mail. “Hopefully the Senate will understand the unintended consequences of these actions.”

    UPS's spokesman:

    “We simply believe that two companies performing the same business should be regulated the same way,” said Norman Black, a UPS spokesman. “There is nothing that can justify treating the two companies differently.”

    Although I'm partial does FedEx's spokesman, Maury Lane make any sense? His twisted and misleading bailout talk just shows sour grapes and desperation!:sick: Nice spin Mr. Lane!

    No more gravy train for FedEx now let's see who needs a bailout!:happy-very:
  17. MrFedEx

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    Like I've said, this is a last ditch attempt that isn't going to work. Mr Lane is a corporate shill, plain and simple. This is the same guy that says "FedEx has done nothing wrong and will vigorously defend itself in court" just before they settle out-of-court for big bucks.

    To target a very profitable company with a flawless reputation as needing a "bailout" isn't just stupid, it's a major lie that is already backfiring. A lot of us will sign those union cards with extra happiness thanks to Fred and Maury. Every dumb thing they say just convinces more FedEx employees that they need a union. Keep it up,'re actually working against yourself.
  18. mkcrod

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    Thank you Maury, the more you open your yap, the more FedEx Express employees will know how to vote!
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    FedEx all the Way, you have made that exact post 4 times. Please don't SPAM the site.
    Thank you
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    What do you expect from someone who thinks that GM cars are made by the Teamsters?