Free 2nd Education for 2 years, what would you do ?

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by klein, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. klein

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    I just got this letter from Service Canada (Unemployment program), that I'm entitled up to 104 weeks of Benefits If I attend a trianing program that is atleast 20 weeks long.
    This program has just been put in place, called "Economic Action PLan 2009"
    Basically part of the stimulis program.

    What carreer would you do ?
    I have to think of one. Any suggestions ?

    I'm thinking office computer set ups, even Truck Drivers licence, or TV cable and telephone installer..
    What should I do, to make my life easier ?
    What would you do ?
  2. fethrs

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    Do something that you are good at. I would do a computer class,or something where I could branch out on my own and have control of my hours. I'm sure you can find something to fit you, yer smart.
  3. Jones

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    Of the ones you listed, office computer setup sounds like the way to go. Indoors, fairly clean, and lots of job security as computers+business aren't going anywhere.
  4. klein

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    Just hit my mind, fethers is right, take a course, that you can benefit from even without an employer. (Don't reley on one).
    Something that you can do on your own, in your own hrs in time.
    Or even get extra cash, by working privatly on the side.

    I really need to think hard about this one.

    They say make a hobby your living, but I slack on that , too.
    How can you have a hobby these days, working 50-60 hrs a week ?

    Would be awesome to do something you can't wait to go to work for. That is fun, and makes you happy, and you smile when you get paid for something you would do just for fun.

    But, yes, I wanna hear from you guys and gals, what would you do ? Personally.
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  5. fethrs

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    Klein what are you good at, what do you like to do? Maybe a business class if you want to start your own business or something computer related. Work on your own on computers repairing them or developing websites or programs.