Freedom of Religion

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Jul 25, 2008.

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    How far does this freedom go? Listening to the 911 tape of a Muslim father shooting & killing his 2 daughters in so called 'honor killings' was disgusting. It happened in our country.

    If you want to practice honor killing as part of your religion, then go to the country that will accept these killings as the norm. Get out of here! We don't condone murder just because you don't like who your daughters are dating.

    Tolerance?? what cost??
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    If they do that here they will be tried, convicted and sentenced to jail. Who is saying we should be tolerant of that behavior in this country?
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    Let's see, ah Fox News, there's talk radio or did Moreluck get another mass email from the RNC!

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    This did happen in the US. It also happened in the city I deliver to a couple of weeks ago. The father killed his daughter for "dishonoring" the family. Savages.
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    I didn't know they were still on the air.:happy2:
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    Fox News just did a special on honor killing tonight. The sisters that were shot to death were in the Dallas area. The 911 call by one of the girls identifies her dad as the attacker.

    They were shot 11 times. The father is on the lam. They said he hasn't as yet entered Egypt. The newsguy went to the brother's house in N.Y. and the brother cussed them off his property.

    The perp. is getting helped, probably by family members and they don't see anything wrong with what he did. What a bunch of animals !!
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    From another post More made and connecting the dots, I think CNN now just has a talking head who reads the National Enquirer in front of the camera and calls that breaking news!

    Must work, broke me of watching them!
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    I know this response will unleash the hounds of Hell on me but me and Satan are old freinds so what the hell!


    I read your response and as a father of daughters, I'm like you and don't get it either. It's sad and bottomline, freedom of religion not withstanding, our freedom of religion principle is based on traditions of western civilization. The moral underpinning of that tradition go back to even pre-christian European and even pre-monotheism that existed before the influx of Roman culture. This underpinning tradition has been against murder and although there were exceptions in pre-Roman Europe, generally for several millenia, this "honor killing" practice for example has not been a widely accepted norm.

    In America, since it's foundations, rights and these expression of rights only exist as long as they don't overreach either by force or fraud to deny those same rights to another individual. In layterms, you can't deny the right of one person's right to life in order to express your right to religion. OK, I know you're waiting for the nasty so bare with me.

    These honor killings are not and no way protected by the "Freedom of Religion" clause because they violate the very premise of individual liberty and the concept of the doctrine of "unalienable rights" which literally means rights granted to you by God and that no man under any condition or purpose can violate. Our founding documents used this moral framework as the foundation upon which this nation was built. A King can't take the right to life, liberty of pursuit of happiness away because God granted them and therefore no man is equal to God in authority. Contary to my friendship with Satan, :happy-very: I do believe this and I don't believe Satan a god anyway so that should settle that question. BTW: Satan....nah, you just couldn't happen it!

    If any lawyer or even the ACLU would challenge otherwise, you might take a moment to learn basic concepts of Common Law and then challenge that lawyer on his/her own definiiton of freedom using the doctrine of unalienable rights.

    OK, time to cross the line. Being the contarian and pure pain in the arse that I can be, let me ask you this.

    You are rightfully upset that a father would for whatever reason kill his own daughter. This man denied an innocent child her right to life all for some religious cause that he holds too. You see that as murder and as being wrong. There's nothing in his cause, nothing to which his life might be made better that would justify what he did in taking that child's life. We agree! It's murder. Warning: Here it comes!

    With that said, how can you stand fourscore behind a national foreign policy that has killed thousands and thousands of innocent children with the only goal of creating a democracy state that is seen favorable to the US and her interests? Even the President himself has stated that the mission is about "protecting the American Way of Life!"

    How can that father be wrong killing his own daughter to protect his way of life and our gov't not be wrong killing those kids (completely unintended rightfully so) to protect our way of life? Granted our killing was not intended nor was that the mission but it does happen and in that type of environment, it is gonna happen. How can we justify taking that child's life, one granted by the authority of God with the justification on installing a nation favorable to western interests (mostly economic/merchantile) and "protecting the American way of life!"?

    I'll admit, it's a tough question to answer but as I read your response to this issue, those exact questions came to my mind and asking how can we? Look I know the guy murdered the child and we still must enforce the law but the words of Jesus come back into play here at the same time:

    There are areas to specific dogma of religion that we will not agree on but I do believe at some point out in the future we must stand before a higher power (heavenly if you will) and answer for what we have done. I also believe our individual as well as our actions pertaining to collective matters will be judged and in light to the question above, how would you answer to God on this?

    Don't you hate it when life gets this tough? ME TOO!

    OK, boys, flame away!
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    The big difference I see is intent & premeditation.
    We go to war, there are sometimes 'collateral damages'.
    These honor killings are planned and these murderers are assisted by other family members in an elaborate plan to 'get away with it'.

    I know back in more un-civilized times, all the churches et al were guilty of heinous crimes.

    This is happening now and in our country. It is against our laws. Catch the perp and all his cohorts and punish and/or deport them to where they can freely practice their animalistic and archaic rites.
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