Freight inbound/outbound dock worker seniority

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  1. somebodiesgot

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    So I had a question
    I get called off once or twice a week as a PT dock-worker working the inbound shift in the morning, would I be able to cut off a lower seniority PT dock worker on the outbound shift to try and cover my missed hours? I don't quite understand if the shift makes a difference when it comes to this

  2. Wally

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    How long have you been with the company? We don't have any "dock workers".
  3. aiian

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    He might be a 'freight' guy.
  4. sortaisle

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    Either way the answer is nope. Your seniority applies to your shift only.
  5. cheetah

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    I am trying to understand seniority as it applies to preloading. I was recently hired as a preloader and I am now sixth up from the bottom. I do not know when probation went from 30-70 days but 70 days is a long time when you may only work 2 days in one week. I believe I am at 44 working days. The people below me in seniority are sometimes worked more than me even when they don't have safety training to do that day. I don't know what the benefit to having seniority over people is when they are worked more than you. A belt supervisor said they need to get people trained for peak but I was never worked like that. It was all about seniority.
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    You should be alright, Just check with the uppers and your management. We have people from our hub switch over all the time and usually they do the same thing they were doing before.
  7. somebodiesgot

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    errr... I have Freight in the title
    Just a few months but I was the first dock worker to be hired between both shifts
    alrighty thanks.
  8. mvol50

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    Do you have your CDL or no?

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  9. somebodiesgot

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    No sir, I'm only part time and it works perfect with my uni schedule
  10. dinwpa

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    In freight it does not make a difference. You can work the alternate shift if you have the seniority and are available to do so. However, when it is that slow, there is typically an extra full time driver or two that would take that work ahead of you.