Freight tractors????

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  1. TRUCKER298

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    WHEN WILL WE GET MORE NEW TRACTORS? We communicate to run from CHP checkpoints. We have families to come home to also. What's up with this?????
  2. JimJimmyJames

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    I'll beat everyone to the punch here. Don't you know we are in a recession! The company is cutting costs everywhere, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada!

    Seriously, I feel your pain but we will not be seeing big purchases of equipment until the economy starts to improve. Besides, I don't know if UPS is making a ton of dough on the Freight side of the company. Heck, they might be regretting their purchase of Overnite, considering the state of the freight industry right now.

    Then again, with our money we should be able to hold out while a lot of our smaller competitors fold up. We should be in a righteous postion when things improve, at least I hope so.

    Take comfort knowing I drive a 9 year old tractor with a million miles on it. And that is one of our newer ones!
  3. raceanoncr

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    I guess one problem I have with this one is...why do you communicate to run from CHP checkpoints? Are you driving with safety violations? If so, you shouldn't be driving it at all. You will not get disciplined for refusing to drive anything that is not safe, according to DOT.

    You run by the mile? When you get stopped, you go on the clock, right? I know, you're gonna say that you hafta give the first hour but it has been grieved many times and won that if you have to be in control of that machine for any reason, then you are on the clock. It ain't like yer sitting at a turn point just waiting. If you're at a check point, you're on log time, right? On-duty-not driving? Well, then you get paid.

    You got families to get home to. Well, we all do. But this is a job and we signed up for it. I've been on the parcel side for over 31 yrs now and there has been no family action for all of those 31 years except what you make it.

    Sorry, but as previous poster said, these are rough economic times. Many people would love to be stuck at a check point making ANY $ right now. My advice: Chill out. Do the job the way UPSF wants you to do it. You know what? You'll make more money than you could ever imagine and have more peace of mind.

    Now, flame on!!
  4. City Driver

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    are u a road driver????? all the road tractors i ever saw are nice and newer mostly volvos but theres still a few of the old 61 series internationals on the road

    the city has some of the biggest rust buckets you will ever lay eyes on...atleast here in IND
  5. bluehdmc

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    UPS keeps every piece of equipment till the only thing it's good for is the junkyard. Of course most of these decisions are made by people who drive a desk and wouldn't know a fifth wheel from a steering wheel and don't spend 8-10hrs in a junkyard refugee. Although the chairs in the dispatch office also have missing or chewed armrests, etc.
    If it has an out of service problem note it on your pre-trip and don't drive it.
    I'm driving a 15yr old Mack with over 1 million miles on it, as I understand it they don't plan on getting rid of it soon, they just painted it, (I ask what's the saying about lipstick on a pig?). It sure looks pretty from 50ft away, up close you can see the overspray, etc. I kinda wish they spent the money on repairs but that wouldn't help our image, and my tractor wouldn't look so pretty. It seems they've painted a few of them lately. They do seem to have gotten rid of some of the older internationals with the long noses and a lot of short nose internationals, neither one you wanted to bobtail with.
  6. JimJimmyJames

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    Hmm, seems we have more snub nose Intl.s now where I am at. Could it be....
  7. call motor carrier enforcement , if you feel the company makes you drive an unsafe truck....but you will be blacklisted, just like we have done here in indy to a couple of drivers.
  8. Momo

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    Why on Earth would you blacklist a fellow driver for calling the company to task to be responsible for its equipment?
  9. daveg

    daveg daveg

    just an observation but from what i've read on this site from the indy contingent you have a lot of whiners and snakes.i'm glad i don't call indy my home terminal. seems to me you guys voted the contract in first.did you even read it?didja?!
  10. UPSF Peeon

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    i have a feeling you are ********** or whatever that tall guys name is whos like 6'5 and got fired for refusing a tractor cuz it had trash in it
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  11. FreightKicker

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    My city tractor has logged over a million plus miles and its in fair condition. Keep in mind I would loved to have a new one, but... anyway. It is my responsibility to do my pretrip and post trip and I'm held accountable if I pull it out of the yard knowing something is wrong no matter how small it is. Bottom line is... follow the DOT guidelines for state and federal. If its out... replace it, if it is broke get it fixed! Your Driver License depend on it.
  12. Brown287

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    Well funny thing is that I have been contemplating rather or not to post a thread on the quality of your rigs. Every night when I'm heading North on 101 I see 3 to 4 sleeper teams going South. Two things, first these are some real sharp looking trucks, secondly why are some painted only white with the UPS shield and the others are painted with the full Freight paint scheme? I no these are both UPS looks due to the fact that you guys too have the UPS exclusive black & gray two tone rims.

    Now I would agree that in the city I still see old Motor Cargo rigs pulling one of the three possible pups(UPSF, Over Nite, & Motor Cargo). Ive been at package for 14 years and if theres one thing that we get use to is old vehicles. Our package cars are both new and old, but they always are in some what good repair. Remember to think positively, ask your self if you would rather have a brand new rig or the pay and benefits that we and our family's all love.

    Side note I was recently pulled in for inspection at one of the scales and the mechanics kept commenting on how good are trucks are compared to the rest of whats out on the Highways and Byways.
  13. UPSF Peeon

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    the white tractors are UPGF Truckload tractors
  14. Buckethead

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    +10 Well Said
  15. poppybill01

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    Re tractors:
    I work out of Bristol Tn and we too are still driving some older internationals in the City. The road drivers all drive the newer Volvo`s. Even tho the equipment is older it is safe and if not safe we can not be forced to drive them. Right now are hard times for everyone and I would gladly drive one of the older units, even on the road, if it meant working rather than sitting at home. When I first started with Overnite we drove Macks with no power steering,no a/c and no radio.....imagine that. I have noticed a recent influx of new UPGF branded trailers so I imagine new tractors are not far behind.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Welcome to the Major Leagues.
  17. TRUCKER298

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    Well I heard that Tractors are on their way because of smog laws in california. Any info on this??
  18. upssup

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    That's odd, last year all of the new tractors we were going to get for our region wound up going to Freight!
  19. Highwayman

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    I have a 2008 tractor and I'm in Parcel. Drove the last tractor for ten years(small international), I liked that truck but they junked it. When you get a new one there is a lot of scrutiny for a while so don't scratch it. Yes when I started at parcel I drove an F model Mack with no power steering and no AC big deal! I wouldn't go back to that truck but it's called paying your dues the newer equipment will come as time goes on. If its broke don't drive it,grow a set!:surprised:
  20. quicker

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    Brand new 28footers,PUPs coming in to Pottstown,Pa in a short time the brand (UPS Freight) will B every where, tractors, trailers, terminals, tv, statiums remember we are UPS....... People step back for us because they know hard worker coming though,,, and drive around the FEDEX crash's