Freight Trailers in my Ground Hub

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    So I came in the other day and a whole bunch of FedEx Freight trailers were sitting in our yard. It pretty much happened overnight. At least 35 to 40 of them. Wonder whats up. I'm a package handler at the Ground Hub in Bloomington/Rialto Hub in CA. We were running low on trailers so maybe that is why, but its interesting since the whole Freight merge is going on right now.


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    This doesnt suprise me. I have been delievering alot of crap that use to go freight. Its just a matter of time before they out freight why pay these guys to deliver stuff on a pallet when they can breakdown these pallets and have us deliver it for no more pay than we already make. I heard that Freight started trying to organize to a union ran shop then all the sudden we started making their deliveries and they were getting laid off. The freight hub by us is dead compared to what it use to be.
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    Knew a guy who left Express and became a Freight driver. Used to see him sitting in a shipping dept grinning his head off as their employees loaded his truck. FedEx pays Freight guys pretty well, and knowing FedEx the thought of paying them well to mostly drive probably irritates them. Makes you wonder what FedEx is planning for 2011 and who will be affected.
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    Does make you wonder. I knew the freight guy on my route and he told me they were about ready to sign union cards. Which to anyone at FedEx is good news because we have all been waiting patiently for the union to get their foot in the door. Then I saw him again a couple weeks later and he told me he was looking for another job because FedEx was getting ready to lay off mass quanities of freight drivers. I have not seen him since. I only see the freight truck once in a blue moon now and it is someone else driving. The truck in general is nowhere near as heavy as it use to be. I use to see this truck everyday now I see it once a week if that.
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    The interesting thing about the LTL business is that their busy cycle is different from package. I never gave it much thought until I lived next door to this freight driver for USF Bestway. He explained that they are always busy before we are, due to the fact that they generally deliver to shippers what they then ship out individually.

    But I too had heard from the FedEx Freight guy in my area that the union was real close to being voted in. However freight is low everywhere for every company.


    There are Ground trailers at the Express hub near me. They run an entire ground sort out there now from what I hear.
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    Freight employees don't have the extended topout times that Express has, and for one big reason...they're not under the RLA and can unionize locally.
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    Interesting. Makes sense as to why I saw a Ground rig pulling 1 freight pup and 1 ground pup a couple weeks back.
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    It all makes perfect sense. Fred wants to make more and more the best way for him to do this is to push as much as possible on to the fleet he dosent pay. Sure the contractors will make a few more bucks but Fred will not have to worry about paying overtime,benefits. workers comp, and taxes on the employees of Ground. He stands to make a chunk of change while using his cheapiest workforce.
    With the increased rules of contractors hiring professional drivers it is in the works to run most everything via Ground, The only unfortunate thing is professional drivers wont hang around to long when they see the payscale the average driver makes, could be a reciepe for disaster. JMO
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    Problem is that people have nowhere else to go. And according to the Federal Reserve Chief it could take 5 years for the job market to right itself.
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    I think that all depends on where you are. I know around here people are hiring like crazy ofcourse everyone and there brother is looking for a job. I've had a few interviews in the last few weeks all companies looking to hire before the end of Janurary. Keeping my fingers crossed on one that is a union job with good pay daily overtime and great benefits. Just would have to go to their training school for a week which will start the 2nd week of Feburary. But I am aware its not like that everywhere.
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    I know that just about 10 or so miles from is what ive heard is called a Freight Super Hub In San Bernardino so I thought it was interesting that they ended up at our place. I did come across one package with a freight bar code on it during our sort had no idea what that was about it went to QA. We are one of the bigger hubs so maybe they wanted to make room for the new train trailers.

    If anything maybe it was actually good planning on the managers part, to deal with extra capacity