Frito Lay Strike.


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Boycott Pepsi and Frito Lay!


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“We want to go home and see our families. We want to have our weekends off. We want to work the time that we agreed to work – and hopefully not much more than that,” factory worker Monk Drapeaux-Stewart told Labor Notes.

Mr Drapeaux-Stewart said his wages have increased by only 77 cents within the last 12 years.

“Fifteen, 20 years ago Frito-Lay had a really good reputation – all you need is a high school diploma and you’ve got this job with good pay and benefits,” he said. “But slowly all of that has been whittled away.”

A lot of that sounds familiar.

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I did six 12 hour days in a row for 3 months back when I worked in a machine shop in Rockford Ill. Had Sunday off and partied like a rock star. That was back when men were men.

Lol. I did about that much at times when I used to work two jobs. Went months without a day off too. I was capable of doing it but it left no time for anything else in life.