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  1. barnyard

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    This was posted by a friend on facebook:

    [h=6]I tell you what... UPS is on the ball. They just delivered four boxes, one of which was Liam's bike "from Santa" that was shipped in its original box, making it super obvious what it was. Instead of just dropping it at the door for me to deal with getting it past the kids, they rang the doorbell and let me know what they had before they took it off the truck. Then they put it around back for me so I can sneak it in later while the boys are distracted. That kind of stuff makes me feel somewhat positive about humanity. :)[/h]
    Good job.

    Underneath her comment were many more kudos to UPS drivers, all very positive. Some from New Hampshire, Vermont and more from Tn.

    I thanked them all for the compliments and suggested that the drivers would love Holiday cookies for thanks (many brought up "appropriate tip.")
  2. toonertoo

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    I do the same thing, although no one acts like they appreciate it. Glad someone does, Kudos to that driver!
  3. AKX

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    Its the little things that set us apart. Good for the driver and the customer for appreciating his/her efforts.
  4. Coldworld

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    Most people don't give a rats butt about their driver...they just want that package....its like crack to them especially some of the spoiled trophy wifes who almost rip your ARM off to get their 100 dollar boutique bra. Out of 50 resi stops , I might have 2 or 3 say thank you as I'm walking off....most who are home just open the door and grab their crack sack then shut the door.....
  5. Monkey Butt

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    Definitely a feel good story ... we are Santa's helpers.
  6. bigbrownhen

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    I also do this when I can. I've had a few dollhouses, electronics, and tool kits that needed a "discreet" delivery. It's nice to be appreciated for the little extras we try to do for our customers.
  7. satellitedriver

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    This is the special part of being a UPS person.
    Many times have I had to do the "hide a pkg" dance.
    Once, I was swarmed by kids when I pulled up and the oldest was about 10yrs old.
    It was two days before Christmas and the parents were not around.
    I told the eldest girl to get the kids in a line, and she did.
    I made them hold their right hand up and swear not to open any box.
    They agreed.
    I asked the eldest girl to make sure the other kids did not peek.
    Damn that girl took her job serious.
    I ran into the parents about two weeks later and they thanked me.
    They had gone next door to deliver presents and when they came back home that little girl was standing on the porch in front of the boxes like a sentry guard.
    That young girl is now a fine woman ,with a family of her own.
    The standing joke between us, when I deliver to her this time of year, is to make sure the kids don't peek at the presents.

  8. DS

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    SD you are my idol
  9. JonFrum

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    Always nice to hear a UPSer took a little extra time, and didn't get fired for "Stealing Time" or "Failure To Work As Instructed."
  10. bigbrownhen

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    These little "extras" the drivers do is why UPS is the preferred shipper by customers. Pride in our work, do it right. Take care of the customer. It's what we do!:foamfinger:
  11. stealth8

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    Being on the same rte now for 30yrs, it has always been a habit of mine to pick up homeowner's delivered newspapers that are lying on the sidewalk and put it on top of the pkg when I leave it on the porch. Little things like that make people appreciate our service. Now that we are not allowed to back into long driveways, I can usually have the front page and sports sections read before I make it to the porch!! I love LOGISTICS!!!
  12. Monkey Butt

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    You sure about that?
  13. AKX

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    Ha I do the same thing. I dont ever read it but I do take it to the door with the package.
  14. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    PM where in east tennessee. I most likely know the driver, or even trained him.

    For all the interesting remarks, this type of action is what has made our company stand head and shoulders above the rest. A driver that will do more than is expected by the customer to make the delivery outstanding.

    One year we teamed up with a charity that supplied bikes to kids that didnt have crap. Many had crap for parents. But anyway, we took one of our new 700's at the time, and christmas day delivered quite a few bikes in the hollers around here. Kids were awestruck. Some of the parents cried. And guarantee some tried to take the bikes back to walmart to get more money for their crack. But it was a blast to try and bring cheer to some that would not have had anything for christmas.

    If you live your life to attempt to never do damage to another person, and treat them like you would like to be treated......well you either already know, or its too late to teach it to you.

  15. govols019

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    Dang, thought I was the only one that did that. Thunder stealer!!!
  16. Inthegame

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    Danny, Your story about good service/bikes brought back some fond memories. Many years back one of our drivers was stricken with ALS. Our guys take care of each other so we started a fund raiser event that included a raffle. Needing prizes our committee members asked around for donations. I was making a feeder p/u at a major bicycle manufacturer (Lance Armstrongs favorite) for quite a few years and always did whatever I could for them, above and beyond stuff. I asked the shipping manager if she thought they would donate some water bottles or anything else. She said she'd check with the big boss. The next day at the p/u I get summoned to the office to see Mr Big. Now I'm thinking I went too far soliciting a customer. Anyway the boss says "I hear you got a guy that needs a little help" and then pulls out their bike catalog and tells me to pick out a good one. He gave us a $1000 bike saying UPS has always serviced them well and his crew really liked me.
    What a great business! Still is a good customer these many years later.
    Our friend succumbed rather quickly (three months) but was present at our event which raised over 30K for his family. His baby girl recently graduated from college.
    UPS management quietly ignored the no solicitation policy and was very generous. Many asked me to keep their donations anonymous. I did for the most part, unless I heard some nitwit slamming them behind their backs. (the nitwits were the ones with the tightest wallets) But really, there are good people all around us, and they shine brightest in the dark times.
  17. HomeDelivery

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    i do the same things as mentioned here, but wear a different uniform...

    got a few thank you's as well, but since i'm a swing driver, i'll probably won't get the "bonus tip" when it'll come down to the end of peak

    some customers were smart and will leave the garage door open ahead of time for me to slide it inside while they kept the kids occupied inside the home :peaceful:
  18. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    I know you didnt mean it the way you posted it. Good people do good because its the right thing to do. They are wired that way. Any bonus or thougt to who might be watching does not play into the act.

    I thought I would correct that for you.

    As for the different uniform, at one time in our area when FDX first started, 75-80% of their new drivers were senior drivers that quit UPS because of mistreatment and harrassment, and contributed to the powerhouse you now work for. So while there are some on this board that view your uniform with contempt, I actually have a great respect for a worthy competitor. And during the Christmas season, an Ally to getting the season delivered. AFter all, neither company could handle all the volume on their own.

    Merry Christmas.

  19. HomeDelivery

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    thank you for the correction; it sure came out the wrong way when the regular ground driver doesn't get paid by the hour, OT, holiday pay, paid sick time, paid vacation, etc... some of those ground drivers don't really care about doing the extra service. They shouldn't treat it as a "paper route"

    the customer should not unkowingly give out tips to some drivers like the following:


    that happens alot in this industry... did you see the home delivery driver tossing a walmart package with 2 laptops in it 18 feet to the customer's front yard in OK? that just disgusts me.