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From the promised LAND
To all of the brown gang that we passed the torch to, Merry Christmas. We know what crap you had to endure, the long hours, much time away from family. We, the ones that have now faded into the past appriciate everything you do. Keeping the company going inspite of ED, reaching back to make that last delivery before you head back, the ice hits, or you run out of hours.

Thanks, and may the new year be full of blessings for each and every one!

Merry Christmas!



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Thanks Danny, we try to keep it running, for the next generation.
I always love this time of year, they joy of that pkg delivered that they didnt think would make it, with other companies, I doubt they try as hard. Ill trample through ice and snow to deliver a present.
After yesterday, it loses its luster again. Its just another day.
But every day is a blessing, and Im thankful for every one of them. A bad day at work, beats the heck out of the alternative!
Merry Christmas to all my friends, brothers and sisters at UPS, and the Brown cafe!!


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Thanks Danny, but at least one of us is mentally ill......
A grueling Peak, and what am I and 143 other souls doing on their Christmas Night?
Reading about UPS on this site.
I need help.
(Merry Christmas, though!)


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I find that Christmas night is a bit of a let down.

All the planing, all the rushing, and now its over (For better or worse), with nothing to do, and no place that is open.

Time also to unwind and prepare for all those cut routes for the next month or so. I always took vacation right after Christmas when ever I could.

Also a time to start on taxes and writing proposals for the new year.

BTW, spent 5 weeks in DC on a project about 8 blocks from the whitehouse. What a place. $500 fine for being parked in front of a house for longer than 3 hours. And counted 9 UPS trucks delivering one street within about 12 blocks. Gotta love ED.



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Well, between the Fedex semi that was hijacked over the holidays by robbers and the USPS delivery truck that caught fire and "went up like
a cheap toaster" in mid December, I didn't hear about any major UPS mishaps except for the fact that UPS mgmt looked like the back end of hard times once again during peak.

For our customers, the holidays become a time for Christmas, mistletoe and whine. UPS and other carriers as well become targets as our customers react to their own self inflicted last minute shopping panics, lack of planning, over spending, and intolerance when they ship things out at the last minute. Yet all of you drivers transform into Ms./Mr. Christmas, reach your boiling points, work through your Christmas Crisis Days and make one certain day just that much more special for countless families.

Thanks for all you do!


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What does Erectile Dysfunction have to do with this company?
Well. with all the pr**ks in this company...................


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ED=Electronic Dispatch.

Where a sup can screw you up each day, and never leave the comforts of the office computer. Where drivers make deliveries to the same stop within 10 minutes of each other. Where drivers make the delivery to a business 3 hours after another driver makes the pickup. Where the milage for the center is increased by 18-22%. And the paid day is up as well.

It is what UPS should always was meant to be, at least by those that seem to be pushing the program.

And to think, they can stand there and tell the drivers that the program is working. And saving UPS money.