From Road Test to Driving School

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    Taking the road test tomorrow morning and feeling nervous. I haven't driven stick in several years and was hoping to get some practice time in the yard, but wasn't able to make that happen. One of the drawbacks of working night sort and having a day job is that almost all the people designated to oversee practice driving are home in bed when I'm at the hub and available during the time of day when I'm at my other job. And, thanks to dumb luck, the couple who do work nights and could have gotten me some time in a package car before the test have both been off the last two weeks for different reasons (one vacation, the other medical).

    Ideally I would have put off the road test another week or two in hopes getting some practice, but the HR rep who scheduled it gave me the very strong impression that they are getting ready to run a driving school class within the next two weeks and, in order to make sure I had time to schedule a physical, I should really take the road test this week. For those of you who've been through this process, how much time elapsed between your road test and driving school? Been with the company long enough to know there is a solid chance HR is blowing smoke up my backside about an impending class, but I really can't afford to take a chance on not being qualified for driving school and missing the one local class they run this summer (was told that Intergrad in Landover is full through the end of August which I'm assuming would be my next chance if they don't run another local school before then).
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    The road test isn't all that bad (so I've heard) just be prepared to be in the worst oldest package car possible
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    Or if you have one of the box truck package cars. The one they test you in at my center doesn't even have power steering. They figure if you can handle that bad boy, you can handle anything.
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    No power steering, that's as safe as it gets.
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    They spray panted the logos off that sucker yesterday. I think we're getting moved up to the big time. All power steering.