From The Chairman: A Peak Message

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    Dear Team Members,

    Bravo Zulu, and thanks for everything you do to fulfill the Purple Promise. Actually, nobody is living the Purple Promise any longer, and I'm :censored2:, because I am so damned good to all of you, and you just go out there and give me 100% instead of 150%. That's my potential profit you are losing, and I DEMAND that you work harder and faster all the time.

    We don't send "From The Chairman" in the mail any longer because I was told most of you either throw it out, use it as a bird cage liner, or criticize the message I'm trying to convey to you. That's wrong, and unacceptable conduct. Anyone found desecrating any of my memos will be terminated on-the-spot.

    You see, I'm a business genius, and you are not. You are just the hired help, and let me remind you again just how lucky you are to work for FedEx. I buy you new vans, give the pilots new planes, and then you whine to me that you're underpaid and have bad benefits. That's a lie. We have the highest wages in the industry and our benefits are world-class!! It's true, because I say so.

    I'm getting tired of the Express opco not providing me a 20% profit margin, so effective January 1, 2014, we will be reducing wages and benefits so I can attain my goal. Remember, everything I do is for YOU!!

    Frederick W. Smith