From Whence Did We Get The Welfare State?

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    The answer would be rather exhaustive being that the welfare state has been around about as long as man as formed into collectives and lived that way. In most cases, this approach starts out from a very benevolent ideal and generally small and somewhat localized in scale. As time grows and it builds, there is a transistion towards larger State power and once established in the hands of the State, it's malevolent side starts to come out. Authoriteriansm, despotism and tyranny soon follow as individuals must be swayed (even with force) to scarifice self interest for the interests of the larger group. No one ever dare points out that this whole process is in fact the State promotion of someone else's own self interests because the State finds it a useful tool for it's own purposes.

    As the malevolent State grows, warfare becomes a necessary approach as it is now needed for the "trampling of the vineyards where the grapes of rath are stored!" Any self interest other than the intersts of the State must not be allowed or tolerated. Randolph Bourne in 1918' wrote the excellent work, The State "War is the Health of the State"and it doesn't take much reading to understand that Warfare and Welfare go hand in hand with State power IMO.

    One the welfare part, the late Murray Rothbard proposed this question as it relates to America and his historical answer might surprise a lot of folks.

    This historical look was presented in a series of lectures in 1993'

    Here is Murray Rothbard's "Origins of the Welfare State in America"