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  1. Lately I've been feeling like it's not even worth it to come into work. I work part-time and the hours we have been getting in my department are not even 3 -1/2 hours a night. It's Wednesday night and I only have 9-1/2 hours so far. :angry: I know I can grieve the fact that I'm not getting my 3-1/2 hrs but at this point I don't think it would do too much good because volume at my building is down.

    I know after peak that we usually have a slow time but this is ridiculous. Anyone else not getting as many hours as they were pre-peak? I know UPS has it's ups and downs but it's just frustrating as all get out when your hours suck. Sure hope volume picks back up soon.
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    Guaranteed minimum hours are the same regardless of volume. You should file and request your minimum nightly.
  3. I talked to someone who filed a grievance about the guaranteed minimum hours and they told me that our local says they can't do anything about it because "there are technically no 3.50 jobs for p/t'rs at UPS"

    What the hey??? It's in the National Master Contract written as plan as day (I can't immediately quote section and paragraph but I can find it) But sadly the local I belong to chooses not to do their job and let UPS get away with denying us P/T'ers our guaranteed hours.

    This is a sad commentary indeed. Pay your union dues and get screwed by the local when it comes time for them to represent you.
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    Grieve it grieve it grieve don't listen to my brother Daryl or your other brother Daryl. There is always some guy who is going to give you one side of the story. If you don't actually grieve it your self then you don't know one thing about the union or have any right to bad mouth it.
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    Did you tell your SUP you wanted you Guaranteed 3 1/2 hours??? When they send you home early do you tell your SUP you want your 3 1/2 Guaranteed ?? If you don't speak when they send you home early it's like say ok I'll leave early which means they don't have to pay you your 3 1/2 Guaranteed.

    On Monday and everyday after tell your SUP you want your Guaranteed 3 1/2 if you don't get it file. If they ask you to leave early say no I want my 3 1/2.

    How many people are below you on the senority list ?? If your on the bottom or close to it they could say ok in order for everyone to get there 3 1/2 we need to lay off the bottom couple of people.
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    UPS guy has hit on something that happens at the center here. In the AM, on days where they did not have enough work for 3.5, they send people home, and many want to leave early. But some dont, so they have them sweeping out trailers and other odd jobs around the bldg. So unless you tell them you need your 3.5, how are they to know. They might think you want to leave early.

    Not to derail the thread, but with preload not having enough work for 3.5 hours, why in the world can the drivers not leave the building until 9:15-9:30, when their scheduled start time is 8:45, and used to be 8:30.

    Sounds like a bit of miss-management........

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    Not miss-management just plain logistics.
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    Well I thought our center were going to have this problem with hours after peek season. The volume has slowed down a little but certainly not enough that people aren't making their 3 1/2 hours. I average four hours per night and sometimes five if their are late air. I guess it just depends on the volume, and the center I guess. Their are some days the Sups come around asking if people want to RTO, most of the time the higher seniority employees will RTO. What I've noticed is the less seniority are usually the first the get sent home, and then the employees that work hard with higher seniority are the ones that stays to the end. But bottom line if you're not getting your gurnateed hours you should grieve it or tell you sup you want your hours.
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    srvhero "leastbest" profits 3.7 billion ..... and you are slowly starving. Welcome to the NEW and improved UPS. MIP and Stock prices are FAR more significant. Get educated and leave..............
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    You have the right to work not the right to go home early. However when I worked the preload my SUP was nice and always ask the senior guys if they wanted to leave early which I did becasue I work another full time job 4 day at 10 hours a day.
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    Here, they also have to ask in seniority order who wants to leave first.
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    If you are not getting your 3 1/2 guarantee, that is your own fault. It is there in black and white. All you have to do is ask for it. If they refuse, you grieve. Simple as that. You cannot lose that grievance. If you do you take it to the next level of the Union, because someone is making extra contract agreements which is also stricly forbiden per the national master contract. If you have to take it all the way to hall or James Hoffa then thats what needs to be done.
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    In our center they are starting the preolad later due to late trailers. When those trailers do show up we bust butt to get them done but oftentimes it's not quick enough to get the drivers out on time.
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    Offer top down, force bottom up as far as layoffs or "going home early". FILE FILE FILE

    Also, in our hub, they are throwing around suspensions for attendence in order to cut down hours off the books. 20 total suspensions! People with fair attendence, sick days left in bank !! , are suspended for calling out sick; and the union are not grieving the suspensions. It's very ugly on both sides, union and UPS.
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    Surely you meant to say, the members not grieving the suspensions?
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    I was under the impression that suspensions or terminations were automatically grieved. My bad, but that is what one of our stewards said is supposed to happen and I have heard that in the past. If that is not the case, I retract that.

    My point was that the suspensions were 100% a plan by the company AND the union to cut PT employees off the books (staggered suspensions over a week or two period) and save the company work hours while volume is low and the snow has thrown pkg movement/delivery numbers off.

    They're sending people home EVERY day practically in groups (mostly coaxing new employees that do not know their rights to 3.5), then suspending people for attendance? Well they didn't need them anyway!

    Just the tip of the iceberg from our building in this new year..
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    I can't speak for the rest of the country, but in the Central there is specific language forbidding the Union from grieving on the members behalf.