FT Driver got a DUI last night


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Off the Job...The police kept his license...He refused Breathalyzer test...Blood test has been administered...Other than telling him what a stupid thing he has done(did that)...can anyone on the forum offer some advice on anything that they may have personal experience dealing with this? What can he expect?


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In my center, I have seen several DUIs, including 1 guy that got fired. The driver MUST call the center and report. Calling in sick will result in immediate termination. If the judge allows the driver to get an occupational license, the driver may go back to work, but should expect that to take 30 days. If the driver cannot get an occupational license and have to serve a suspension, he/she has 365 days to get their license back. At 366 days, UPS can term and the union will not get the employee's job back.

If it is a feeder driver, it may be a different story, as CDL holders have tougher DUI rules.

I don't really have any sympathy for any professional driver that gets a DUI. I hope he gets fired.



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I don't really have any sympathy for any professional driver that gets a DUI. I hope he gets fired.

I have no sympathy for any driver pro or not.
I have a real problem with the act as well. But it is not my place to be the Judge Jury and Executioner.
I have to represent his rights as a Steward and guide him best as I can.
I even hope this post can help anyone think about how they should avoid being in this mess....you know Cabs...Designated Drivers...Hotel Motel...Sobriety...U.P.S.D.A.D.D. unite!


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We've had feeder drivers get DUIs and they lost their license for one year. I assume they told their supervisors because they had to work in the hub until they get their licenses back. The key is to tell your supervisor immediately otherwise you may not have a job.

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Here you go it's article 35

Section 2. Suspension or Revocation of License
In the event an employee shall suffer a suspension or revocation of the right to drive the Employer�s equipment for any reason, the employee must notify the Employer before their next report to work. Failure to comply will subject the employee to disciplinary action up to and including discharge in accordance with the procedures set forth in the appropriate Supplement, Rider and Addendum. (See also Article 16, Leave of Absence, Section 3.1.)
If such suspension or revocation comes as a result of the employee complying with the Employer�s instruction, which results in a succession of size and weight penalties or because the employee complies with the Employer�s instructions to drive Employer�s equipment which is in violation of the Department of Transportation regulations relating to equipment or because the Employer�s equipment did not have either a speedometer or a tachometer in proper working order and if the employee has notified the Employer of the citation for such violation as above mentioned, the Employer shall provide employment to such employee at not less than the employee�s regular earnings at the time of such suspension for the entire time period.


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His first mistake (other than getting caught) was refusing to take a breathalyzer test. In my state that will get your liscense suspended automatically for a year (no work permit) if it goes to court and they rule against you. A DUI isn't the end of the world- at least not if it's your 1st one. We had at least 3 that I can think of in my center and they all got a work permit and didn't have more than a week or so of down time. No I don't condone drinking and driving but with all the new .08 limits and a seamingly endless supply of money for Safe and Sober patrols a stop at the saloon for a couple of beers could get real expensive. I do find it quite funny everytime I read of some Madd Mother or some upstanding community leader getting a DUI. What goes around comes around. I think the foccus should be more on the repeat offender. I am now prepared to be stoned by comments. :happy2:


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Happens once or twice a year here. Just make sure he is completely honest with management. any catch in his story and he's a goner.


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I have a small amount of sympathy as I also think it has gone overboard as to what one can do and drive. The repeat offender, yes, but the guy who has one or two and goes home, its wrong that we cant do that anymore. The tavern was a place for fellowship, which is why we dont have any anymore. I never do it as I know if I have one, hit a deer and total my truck, Im going to jail for hitting a deer, and it will ruin my livelihood. But it isnt right. Most of us I think, can handle a few and still not be a berserk, out of control driver. But just another form of our lives being controlled.
Now this doesnt mean I dont know that a few out of control drivers have killed innocent people and ruined lives. But those people were not .08, or under. Ok I prepare to be maimed. JMHO


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Thank Outta Hours. That will help out a lot. Love the responses so far.
No one is perfect. He will take personal accountability for his actions. I referred him to our Teamsters legal services benefit. I do not know if that is something they will/can help with.
I did not mention he was on a Motorcycle.


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I am sure we all know someone who has been killed by a drunk driver if not, God bless you. On a bike, I think he would end up on the short side of the stick if he got into an accident.