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    Two Bid sheets went up several weeks ago for a center. One was a route; the other a cover job.

    I did not want the route, as it is one of the worst, if not the worst in the building of 200 or so routes. I knew this and knew that the route in question was primarily housing projects or surrounding areas, in a very tough and usually dangerous part of inner city.

    I bid the cover job only.

    Went into work and this is what the steward says:

    "they're going to put you on the ###, but that route is supposed to be up for bid because no one wanted it and the other people were DQ'd off of it. I'll talk to center manager this should not happen"

    And here is what I was told by center manager 1-1 a few minutes later

    "THis is a hard job and you will be held accountable for everything."
    "If you mess this is up, it is YOUR Fault. Not anyone elses, look in the mirror. No one is going to fail this but you"
    "You had better not try any union crap"

    Intimidation and harrassment, we have all seen it. They put me onto a route I did not bid and they told me if I tried to fight it I'd be gone. Union did nothing, didn't even say a peep.

    this is how you keep a top-rate employee out of driving; lie to them, tell them that they're doing a route they did not bid like it or not(to QUALIFY for driving) and have them bow out for a lower paying person. The reasoning is I have enough seniority to bump many of the junior people on the cover list and it would probably cause waves in the center.
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    If no one bids the route they can assign it to the lowest seniortiy driver,and from the sound of your posting that is you. When I first hired in many years ago I took a job in the hood because i didnt have enough seniority to go any where else. Once I got some years I transfered within the district and have been ok
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    I am not a seniority driver. I bid on a cover job to do my 30 days, not the route. Every other driver who entered that cover slot did one of two training routes (including a friend of mine 8 years ago)

    And if I did make 30 days , I still wouldn't be forced that route because there are at least 5 drivers with less seniority. (more like 7 or 8)
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    I was just ranting more or less on how criminal both organizations are ;)
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    LOL!!!!!!! How true that is!!!!!
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    I would go and try to qualify on the route. If before your thirty days it's not for you DQ yourself. Chances are you could actually like the route after some time. There is nothing like having a home everyday and if you are worried about the people on the route they will probably love you because you will be bringing them there contraband.
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    The center knew that I wouldn't last on it, as did I, which is the reason I didn't BID IT! That's the problem I have. They wanted to out me because they can hire temp seasonals for 15/hr instead of 30/hr.

    Way too dangerous for me. Other drivers have been robbed in the past 5 years on that route. It's a home for someone who is from the area.
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    You should just take the route and try to make the best of it. I cover a "hood" route and have learned the best way to run it. Leave ALL valuables locked in the back at all times, and try to deliver the worst section early in the morning, when most people are sleeping/passed out. Don't DR anything at alll and follow safe work methods and to hell with the company. Lol
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    Even though you bid a specific route since you have no seniority as a driver you really just put your name on a list to become a FT driver. This being said since you have no seniority they can put you where ever they have an opening for you to do your 30 days.

    You only have to make 30 days and then your in. I know a lot of routes suck and with no seniority you will learn a lot of them but that is the way it is.
    People that want to become drivers do what ever it takes to make their 30 days. If you have questions about the route ask other driver that have done it they can give you good info that will make things easier (ie delivery locations, places to look for and avoid, etc). I'm a FT cover driver if I bitched and complained because they put me on a route I didn't like or I heard was bad I never work.

    Also you need to understand that you need to get out there and do the route to find out if it's really that bad as the other driver say it is. Some drivers like rural routes, while other prefer city routes and some driver will bitch and complain at any route they get. You won't know until you get out there and actually do the route whether you like it or not.

    Remember you only need to make your 30 days.
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    I didn't bid a specific route. Made that perfectly clear, re-read the whole thing. The bid route I DID NOT BID ON.

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    The problem is that they can train you on any route as long as the keep you on the same route for your 30 days. It also just so happens to be that that route is open and they need someone to do it. So putting 2 and 2 together you get to do your 30 days on it or wait another year before you can try again to become a FT driver.
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    These were existing jobs, maybe that was not clear. If you didn't know, didn't mean to nitpick you. They are for bid for FT only, so it is not like the person who bid on it is just someone trying to go FT at any cost.
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    That I didn't know. If that is what past practice has been, fair enough.
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    In my supplement they have to designate certain routes as training routes.
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    I saw the two postings. Though I'm not positive, I would ASSUME:

    That if you won the cover driver bid AND no-one bid the route, they can have you cover that route. It would probably be an advantage to you to have the same route for your 30 days. Even if it sucks....

    Who's the steward? M?
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    I know it sucks but that is the way it is. Even when they have so called training routes they don't have to put you on them to be trained UPS calls them training routes so they can cut them all the time and not have to worry about a driver complaining about his route being cut. In my area they are called splits.
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    Three people bid the route, two were DQ"d for driving one for not wanting it.
    Yes that steward. I was the 4th to try the route. lol
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    do the route, make every stop an ORE ( send postcard )
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    The counter will be interesting that week.