FT Florida driver wanting to transfer to Austin Tx

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    My husband started PT out of high school in 1996 started driving FT at the end of 2003. We would love to transfer to be near family in Austin, Tx but everything we've read and have heard makes this seem impossible. Just checking to see if anyone has any suggestions. There is no transfer list at his center, not sure if the transfer list is only in certain areas. Maybe the next contract will make allowances. :/
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    Transferring as a full timer is pretty much impossible. Not saying completely, but the chances of him getting approved for it are slim to none. If he wants to be closer to his family in TX than he would find it easier to quit and find a job in TX.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    brett, he has 8 years in as a driver--he would have to start all over again.
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    =) Yeah, that is the problem. UPS takes care of our family. It is a good job, especially in these times. He wouldn't find another job like UPS in Texas so if we can't transfer then we will remain in Florida! Too much security to take a chance on, we will just continue to vacation in Texas. =) Thanks!
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    I'm affraid your husband would have to take a gamble. If you really want to move to Texas, he should quit and get re-hired in Austin.

    I can tell you a story of a driver that showed up in my center this last peak season. I thought he was an "off the street hire" hired for the peak season. Oddly enough, he went out on his route the first day, with out a supervisor, and did a very good job. We don't have PAS here. After a few days I commented to a supervisor, "wow, that guy sure did ease into our system". The supervisor replied, "oh, he's a driver from another state who quit and came to Texas to start over".

    I asked the driver if he was planning to come back full-time after peak? He said yes. I was wondering if his center manager or DM had worked a deal to sneak him into a small sattelite center like mine. If so, this posed a problem. In my center, we have lots of part-timers who are wanting to go full-time. I was affraid he was going to try and jump ahead of the guys that were already waiting. I was affraid he had worked out some kind of deal. I informed him that my center is a very active center when it comes to our contractual rights. There was no way the guys who are waiting were going to let themselves be passed by. We are very watchful of the "off the street ratio" and will do everything we can to protect the jobs we have.

    After peak, he showed up in the center working part-time. I could tell this was not what he had in mind. After 2 months, he walked upand told me he was quitting. He simply couldn't wait for the full-time spot behind the guys that were already there. I wished him luck in the future and that was the last I saw of him.

    Good luck to you and your husband. I hope it all works out.
  6. hellfire

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    i have seen it happen you have to prearrange it all before you quit,,as long as the said person is a bonus driver
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    I'm aware of this, but I am just being brutally honest about his options on transferring. It would he difficult, if not impossible to replace the job he currently holds, but there is no law that someone must finish out their career here. If being close to family is more important than this job quitting is a real option for him. You never know he may get back on in Austin and be back driving in a few years.
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    This happened in my building the guy used to do 500 stops in peak and always a bonus driver, he quit and five years later he decided to come back and was rehired as a full time
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    That's not quite the same--your guy stayed in the same building.
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    It seems like this is getting to be the question of the week. Doesn't anyone know how to search forums????

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    Full-timers under the Western Conference Supplement can transfer within the Western Conference area. (Article 6, Section 6.) Those Teamsters made a point of getting the language into their Supplement.

    There are hundreds of issues, big and small, that we all could address with better language in our Master and/or Supplement. But alas, when it comes time to vote on the Contract, there are always enough eager "Yes" voters to blindly ratify. Most of the hundrds of issues complained about here on Browncafe are (and will be) completely ignored.