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  1. TearsInRain

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    how much do FT supes make anyways?

    i don't think i've ever heard anyone actually admit it, and Big Brown keeps their cards so close to the chest you have no idea what you're asking to be promoted into
  2. brownmonster

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    Our Supes whine that they don't make what we do.
  3. Jackburton

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    Depends on education and if you came from driving or was a part time sup. All I know is I make more than any of them and work less overall hours. Today's check put me over 40k so far.
  4. Anonymous 10

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    Ft sup 55 too 80 depending on when you started. Stock about
    6 gees to 10k
  5. Jackburton

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    Add a 1 in front and I might consider it, nm just did, screw that.
  6. Anonymous 10

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    I made up my mind a long time ago. Heaven or bust
  7. brownmonster

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    It's not the money it's the job satisfaction. Jack, you missed the handrail when you stepped up 2 inches from the curb to your low step vehicle with a handful of parcels on a dry sunny day. Enjoy this warning letter.
  8. Jackburton

    Jackburton Gone Fish'n

    Friday nights make me feel closer to heaven as it gets later.
  9. Jackburton

    Jackburton Gone Fish'n

    If I wanted to bust drivers like that I'd join the safety committee and rat them out.
  10. Mr Jingles

    Mr Jingles Rat out of a cage

    Operations soups make more but non-operations soups start around 60k and go up to 80k if they have been around a while. Now that we are getting our RSUs paid that the company held back for 5 years, the total is around 80k to 100k. Managers make more but not a whole lot more, maybe around 120k with the salary and MIP.

    You can go to glassdoor.com and click on the Salaries tab up top and look through the jobs listed there. These salaries do not include the MIP. I have found glassdoor to be pretty close to what I see on the costs provided by IE when doing cost estimates. Fully loaded cost with all benefits for a supervisor is around $125k and around $150k for a manager.
  11. Jackburton

    Jackburton Gone Fish'n

    Does that include insurance costs and pension?
  12. Mr Jingles

    Mr Jingles Rat out of a cage

    The glassdoor does not. Insurance, 401k, UPS Savings and pension, etc. are in the Fully Loaded cost. If you go to UPSers.com and link out to Total Rewards, you can see the breakdown.
  13. DS

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    I really have no clue as to what qualities ups uses to promote management.
    Sadly it seems like it's run on a center to center basis where if you are disliked by a superior,
    you are generally an on car for life.Then again I see total morons given the center manager title and it's
    like they go all ruthless to the point of absurdity to make their numbers.
    They try to control reality,which has a tendency to change all the time.
    It's ok though,us hourlies just have to do our job,and make reality their problem.
  14. Returntosender

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    It's ad hoc solutions to make numbers.
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  15. 728ups

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    wow that's a very well worded statement.
    I had on Oncar a few years ago that was VERY VERY good. He was a LEADER and could motivate his group with positive vibes,and always made his numbers.He worked about 80 hours a week,to say he was 'dedicated' is an understatement. We all felt he was on the fast track,and I was very happy for him:hoping he'd be promoted up the chain . However His superiors were threatened by him,and he has since been buried in the Atlanta hub with no chance to 'shine'. I talk to him every so often on a social media site,and he is very unhappy with the turn of events and is now just marking time until he can retire
  16. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    Goes to show that mediocrity doesn't only exist in the union, as some will paint. The above seems like the norm rather than the exception.
  17. DorkHead

    DorkHead Active Member

    It always has been and always will be " who you know ". There are very few exceptions.