FT pension for PT employee


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I found out that I have an 11 months FT pension over 4 yrs as a PT employee. What is my status if I go FT? Should it date back to when I earned that FT status. I was never put on the FT seniority list.


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The OP needs to worry more about having accrued 4 years of PT pension credit during his, "....over 4 years as a PT employee.".

When he becomes FT then he can worry about his FT pension credit years.

Hope this helps.


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I wish it was worded better myself. Last year, as a part time employee, I worked 2300 hours and will probably do about the same this year.
Wondering how it will eventually affect my pension.

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Depends on what supplement you are working under.
Where I worked , the union took care of the credited hours for the pension. Everyone maxed out at 1800 hours per year for a full year of pension credit.
As a p/t , I only had to get 35 hrs per week for 52 weeks to qualify. If I wasn't going away on Vacation I'd still work Saturdays.