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    My husband has been working at UPS for 21 years. He tried to go on road but because of his vision he was denied. However through many courts battles he was made full time in the building in 2000. He currently works a split shift morning loader and international auditing at night. During the past 11 years he was always treated as if having his original start date as his seniority(21 years ago) until now they are trying to say his seniority date is 2000 putting him behind a Partime worker in his night time shift. Does he still have seniority over the Part timer for an earlier start time because he is Full time?
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    It depends on your supplement.

    HERE, he would have one seniority date - the one he started with.

    Less enlightened locals have sold out their members by agreeing to classification seniority. IE, when hubby switched to Inside FT, that became his new seniority date.
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    So does being full time trump his co-workers part time status?
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    It would if his seniority is his original hire date and not his full time date.
    Get a copy of your local contract and verify the info.

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    If he is where I think he is - NorCal he would be taking his vacation with the other Full Time employees. He is classified as a Full Time employee and not a 22.3. His Seniority date would be as the full time status I believe. He should check with his local business agent to find out for sure. He will know who that is once you mention to him. I have worked with that employee for some time and went to High School with him if it is fact the one.
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    It depends on the rules governing his region.

    In the Central States region, for example, he'd have two seniority dates: his part-time (re-tagged as "company" and used solely for determining eligible vacation weeks) and his full-time. HOWEVER... any full-time employee triumphs part-time, regardless of seniority. So a 21-year-old with a FT seniority date of 2012 would hold seniority over a PTer with a 1977 seniority date.
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    21 years( you his wife) HAS TO ASK ?has he been under a rock? or i no he couldnt see the board. THAT HAS, the unions number. I think your (TROLLING) because your husband is thinking of making a move .
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    She hasn't been married to him for 21 years herself. He has been employed by brown for that time. She isn't trolling either for the fact that I know who her husband is and what kind of hell he went through for everything.

    She doesn't know brown so she is trying to use this as a resource instead of going to the locel bldg's HR office that doesn't know crap.