FT Temp driver vs PT Package handler

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  1. johndeau

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    I was looking for some inside perspective. Is it better to apply for a seasonal/temp driver or a part time package handler? My goal is to be a full time permanent driver. Which is the best road? And if it is PT package handler, how long would it take to start making decent money? Also, as a temp, do the permanent guys treat you like a scab? Thanks for the input.
  2. PT Car Washer

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    No you will be treated with pity. Doing the same work for half the money and no benefits and little chance of going full time. Just used and abused. In my opinion work PT and drive Sat. Air to see if you really would like the job. Of course you will need a FT job to keep from starving. Sat Air is paying $24.74 an hour after a two year progression.
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    Def go the package handler route. Once you make book go sat air most def. In my hub they use driver helpers nearly year round so I get a good feel for what my life is going to be like as a driver while only working currently 5x/week, 2 or 3x/week as a helper. Sat Air is fine too as long as your cool with your supe & can get a breather day during the week so you're not working 6 days every week
  4. PT Car Washer

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    So what's wrong with working six days a week ? Been doing it for years. It's only a PT job. A few of us Sat Air drivers pick up extra work during the week running misloads, LIBs and bulk stops at top driver pay. Turns a PT job into $60K a year.
  5. You guys can use helpers year round? What is the helper rate?
  6. ocnewguy

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    i wish they had that here. at least i could make some extra cash during the summer between semesters. it's about 6-8 years to go sat air driving and the seniority cutoff for double shifting is now 2003 and below. SOL
  7. MIapplicant

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    Sorry I can't answer, but I am in a similar situation and would love feedback too.

    I applied for PT seasonal Package Handler but the HR lady is hot to get me into a PT seasonal PM Air Driver job. My goal is a PT permanent job of any sort with UPS, as fast as possible (need the benefits for my family.)

    Which route would be faster? I know there are no guarantees, but am looking for a general idea.

    Also, how dangerous is driving? Do drivers get held up a lot? I am a small female and worry I'd be a target in my crime-ridden city.

  8. MIapplicant

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    Also, does anyone know how PM Air Pickup Driver rates as far as stress levels for driving jobs? As a n00b to UPS I don't want to start out in the hardest of jobs...
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You drive around picking up letters at drop boxes and then bring them back to the center for processing.
  10. PT Car Washer

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    I don't like the seasonal PT sound of the job. Sounds like you will be a vacation fill in. What would you do the weeks no one is off? What would you be doing when the season is over? Offered a job working Preload would be my guess. Not a lot of stress if you are trained on the route. Not the hardest job. Do you have a third choice?
  11. Bagels

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    Ask about the prospects of a seasonal AM air shuttle turning into a permanent job. We're hiring seasonal shuttle drivers, but have multiple permanent bid employees laid off most of the year, thus none of the seasonals will be kept. This may or may not be true where you're at, but just something to inquire about. I wouldn't worry about safety... we cover a large portion of one of the country's most dangerous cities, and in my decade-plus career here, there's only been two robberies - but nobody was injured. The air shuttle pays significantly more than package handling (within a few years, at least) and is an easier job for most.

    But package handling is likely your ticket toward permanent employment, since if you've performed the work - even mediocrity, but without attendance issues & you've expressed a desire for permanent employment - you'll be offered a job at some point.

    If your goal is to be a driver, I'd be prepared to wait about 10 years for the job, although you'll likely receive plenty of seasonal opportunities. While I'm not familiar with the area first-hand, I did recently read that people were going into driving within 3-4 years at the Detroit facility - apparently they opened up a new building several years ago in effort to consolidate several smaller buildings comprised of FT package handlers -> everybody being hired into the building now is PT, but there's so few of them, they go into driving pretty quickly.
  12. sortaisle

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    Keep quiet about stuff like this. We get utility pay...maybe your rider/supplement is different. I use to shuttle packages all the time. Someone started bitching that we should be having our vacation checks show utility wage instead of regular inside wage. We begged him to shut up about it. But he filed grievance after grievance and UPS took away our shuttling. 6 of us lost about 20k a year.
  13. PT Car Washer

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    Yeah I hear you. Goes in cycles. Union puts a stop to Air Drivers doing ground, and week later right back at it. Union came to an agreement with the company to hire more Package Car drivers but with retirements and drivers leaving, etc. still short. I just put the extra checks in my sock drawer until needed.
  14. Kimball401

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    i wish i could do that. i just started as a loder out of jefferson (chicago hub)
  15. Hroller

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    I did the seasonal FT driver position for the last few years. 2 months at Xmas, 4 months over the summer. Make a little over $20k a year. Get unemployment for the time off. That brings another 10K to the table. I usually take a month off in February and head down south to soak up some sun. When I get back, I pick up some cash projects, work at my leisure make another 10-15k So over all I made around 40 grand, enough for me to get by on and had a lot of free time except for those six grueling months as a seasonal driver.

    I would have kept this up, but needed insurance benefits. Even though my center just promoted a seasonal driver to permanent driver, he was there six years. I knew it would be at least another 5 years before they would even consider me as a permanent.

    I switched teams. Took a permanent PT position at Fed Ex. Less money, less hours and LESS WORK! I'll say one thing. While I don't miss the heavy packages and packed - solid brown trucks, I do miss the fast pace. They move at a normal pace at the Purple plant. But the trucks have AC, they are all automatics, they have free coffee and the benefits I needed are there.

    I am going to miss those trips to Florida in February though!
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You can still go to Florida----you just have to take a bus rather than fly.
  17. Hroller

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    You can still go to Florida----you just have to take a bus rather than fly.

    Actually I will have to fly.....I used to drive and take my sweet time.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I should have clarified-- now that you are w/Express you won't be able to afford to fly.
  19. Hroller

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    Are you under the impression that of all the people on an airline, no one works at Fed Ex?
    BTW, FedEx offers discount travel on airlines, rental cars and hotels.