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    I work local sort in a small center, right now there is only two people working me and a nother regular part time worker..... A new full time driver has been working and unloading. sticking me in the feeder does he have to do the lowest job now, which would be loading the feeder? or can he unload the package car which is my job. Also next week he has to bump in instead of helping does he have to load the feeder then, when it's considered bumping? please let me know he is jamming the packages, damaging them also after it jams instead of stopping belt! He then adds more! and not to mention after he is done stands and talks to guy doing smalls for 30 mins. then each bag he finishes throws on belt plzzzz help can I file on this or what should I do thanks?
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    Punctuation and paragraph breaks are your friends.
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    I ran out of breath just reading this. Punctuation, please....
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    Can you all help me out plzzz!
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    Is that one sentence or 2? or 80?
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    In my small Ctr, there is no preferred jobs. Usually a low rank ft that is bumping into preload, will b put in the unload( the worst job). But it's mgmts choice. Work as directed instructed whatever.
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    Full time reigns over PT. Sorry.
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    Laid off drivers can split shift in the building and FT seniority always trumps PT seniority. I am a PT shop steward and have been bumped out of my own preferred job area (did not pitch a hissy, either) and had to load trucks for a night because of laid-off feeder drivers split-shifting in the building. That's how seniority works.
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    In my area a FT can only take a preferred job from a PT when they bump back in IF they have more company seniority. That is how it should work everywhere in my opinion. If I had 30 years PT in and was sorting smalls and some FT driver of 5 years bumped back in and layed a lower guy off in the center, then that FT guy of 5 years shouldnt be able to take my small sort position.
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    In the Central Region Suppplement the laid off driver would have to have more company seniority to bump the PT person. That is how seniority works. However loading feeders and unloading package cars are both unskilled positions. Work as directed.
  11. PiedmontSteward

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    Exactly. They had more company seniority. It was legit. But that's not really an issue in my building, considering it takes at least 13-15 years to go FT.
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    Not necessarily.
    Read the opening paragraphs of Art #3 in the Central Region Supplement.
    If there is a local seniority practice in place, that language is null and void.

    Which brings me to my point, one that I have belabored numerous times on this site.
    This forum is a terrible place get contractual advice due to the many regional/local supplements and agreements in place nationwide.

    So to the OP, search out your steward and or business agent who can accurately give you an answer to the question.
    Have them show you the applicable contractual language.
    My guess is that the OP already did and didn't like the answer, so now are here fishing for someone to tell them what they want to hear.
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    You are right, that is what is said in Article 3. So how do you find out about all these extra agreements? Sometimes I think it is made up on the spot.
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    That wouldn't fly over here. Maybe our supplements are different. But ours specifically states that the laid-off full-timer can bump the LOWEST seniority part-timer on a shift. The lowest seniority part-timers over here are almost always unloading, so that is the position the full-timer would have to hijack.
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    Did u only read the first paragraph ?!?!? Talk to a steward.
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    Most likely ask a BA and his reply will be " It depends."

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    I always thought at least here you displace the lowest senior person. Regardless of how many years you have. You choose to bump, you bump most junior employee.

    So it the OP is the lowest guy, he s out of luck.
  18. sortaisle

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    I can honestly say that I haven't known of one full time driver that's passed their 30 days that's bumped back into part time. And the only person I can think of who most people say has, was a utility driver at the time, not full time.
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    Yes, it has been rare the last few years except for Feeder or Package Car drivers that have lost their licence.About one a year for a while there. One swept the floor for 8 hours everyday. Couldn't wait to go back to Package Car work.

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    Couldn't agree more man. I was bumped back in '09. I had 17 years PT and got bumped by someone who had 9 years PT and ONE DAY FT 22.3. Tell me that isn't b.s. PT'ers always get thrown under the bus. In the contract and in the building. The union looks at us like we are a liability.