Full Time DOCK status

Hi, I am a current part time dock worker. Recently my boss has allowed me to work split shifts (I work both inbound and outbound). I know that if a part time works 45 8 hour days in a 90 day period that the company will open a full time dock position. I was wondering if the split shifts that I am working will count towards opening a full time dock position.


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Section 5

8. When a casual or combination of casuals works the same shift for eight (8) continuous hours forty-five (45) days in ninety (90) consecutive calendar days, other than as a temporary replacement for an employee on vacation or leave of absence, the Company shall create a full-time position that it may classify, at its discretion, as a fulltime dock with CDL or fulltime dock only; pay will be in accordance with Article 26.

As it states it has to be 8 continuous hours, not broken up hours, sorry.