full time dock worker with cdl? YES OR NO

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by seal3k, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. seal3k

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    hello im new here
    i have a class a and i have been trying to get into upsf for awhile and i noticed they just had a opening so i appled for the full time dock worker with cdl.
    my question is will i ever drive? should i pull my app and just wait for a driver opening.
    btw id like to peddle im not a fan of line haul
  2. Dieselhed

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    What location? Depends, FT w/CDL is otherwise known as "Combo". You gotta take your lumps. Nobody starts at the top. First year is the toughest with no paid holiday's and $15/16 an hour but stick with it and it will pay off. Good luck.
  3. seal3k

    seal3k New Member

    bethlhem pa terminal. how long before u get paid holidays
  4. Dieselhed

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  5. seal3k

    seal3k New Member

    ok, but do you get the driver rate or dock worker rate, and how often will you see seat time
  6. NBR

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    Dock rate while on the dock driver rate while driving. Hourly for city driving P&D cents per mile for road. Driving time depends on how busy the terminal actually is. Right now things are starting to slow down a bit but that doesn't mean you won't get some seat time. From my experience you won't see too much seat time during the winter unless there are some local P&D after hours. It doest hurt to go in and speak with them and be specific on your concerns.
  7. zfish102

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    Got a call for dock worker with CDL they said I'd be on the road driving could be P&D or road driver could be out a week or could be out a month. My question is do they pay overtime on hourly and what's the chances of being over the road for a month at a time. If you are a road driver is it in a sleeper or day cab? All input would help oh and it's a Knoxville terminal


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  8. sppollock

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    Find out if the position you are being hired for is the new LHD position or a full-time dock with CDL. If it is the new LHD position then we don't know anything as that is a new position that is being created for this newest contract. Otherwise if you are a full-time driver then P&D driving has overtime after 8 hours, I have never seen or heard of our road drivers being out for a month at a time, but we do have sleeper trucks for those real long trips and we also have some overnight trips that stay in a motel.
  9. zfish102

    zfish102 New Member

    Thanks sppollok

    Any info is good info I'm gonna call him today and go forward with the interview. Getting in is the hard part but I'm sure the rewards for time spent will be worth it... Thanks again

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  10. newguy2026

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    I just received a call for a full-time CDL dock worker position in Bensalem PA I just want to know do you think its worth it right now I work salary $1000 a week but my benefits suck and there is no pension the hours are good I'm only on one or two over nights a week and I'm off the weekends I just want to know if I'll be able to survive the first year
  11. Reaction Junkie

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