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  1. This year will be my 17th year with UPS. 8 years pre-load and 8 driving.
    Last year and a half I have been in and out of short term disability and no in long term.
    2 shoulder surgery's in one year.

    Doctor tells me today that driving 10 plus hours a day might not be something I can do anymore.
    Range of motion and long term extension of my arm might be a safety hazard when driving for long periods of time and might result in frequent surgeries in the future.
    We wont know for sure until this summer.
    My questions is, if my strength is where it is suppose to be and he gives me the ok to do it.
    Can I bump back to pre-load on a medical reason or do I have to retire early?
  2. McGee

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    What does the Steward and BA say ?
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    They say it's not what you know it's who you blow...
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  4. meeting tomorrow morning with center manager. BA says is questionable and steward is more positive about it. Just looking here for some feedback
  5. McGee

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    Big D... lol! you're pretty damn cool dude!
  6. I don't think you can go back to part time without the company's permission. Some managers I have known would use your situation as an opportunity to get rid of a senior driver. I hope it works out for you. Good luck!
  7. Coldworld

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    I've seen them put ex drivers into a full time combo job... Is this an option here???
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    I don't know a lot of people but get everything I want.
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    Such a jiggalo... Lol
  10. I always laugh inside when I hear the PT pre-load SUP say...."I treat everyone equal on the pre-load"

    It's more like, if you kiss his ass and never question him working, then he'll treat you fine.

    As far as the OP goes, I would okay it but would have him placed right above the first person who has to call in and see if needed that day when it comes to seniority. Still works everyday but last on the list when it comes to choosing vacation dates etc...
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    I don't know if you can go back to preload. You said you are going to have problems driving with end range motion and long term extension of your arm. How are you going to pick up or sort packages. I would think the same problems you face driving would be somewhat the same on preload. Based on that I don't know if they would let you do preload. Really it depends on the doctors recommendation first. The doctor has to clear you.
  12. I'll be the one to be honest with you: if your body can't handle driving, it definitely won't be able to handle preloading..
  13. clean hairy

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    What would be the possibilities he might meet the criteria for accommodation under the ADA?
  14. Cementups

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    You must have learned math using Common Core. Where I'm from 8 + 8 = 16.
  15. Bastiatian

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    I think he means he has already worked 8 years as preloader, and 8 years as a driver, and this is the start of his 17th year.
  16. BigSlim

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    If he's already completed 8 of each, then he is on #17
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  17. where you are from, they must have skipped reading comprehension
  18. Cementups

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    OK, I admit, I didn't read the "this will be my 17th year" You win *pout*
  19. ups1990

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    We've had drivers who suffered injuries requiring surgery and they fought tooth and nail to get a combo or customer counter job.
    No doubt this job puts a tremendous amount of stress on the body and we are all just a freakish accident away from being on here posting similar concerns.
  20. Wally

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