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    OK here goes! I simply want to be pointed in the right direction with this one guys. I have heard so many different opinions and answers that I need to see something in writing. I have searched my contract book front to back and can't find a solid answer. I am a full time package driver in NC, local 391 region, and I need to relocate to the eastern part of the state, ideally wilmington. I will keep my reason private on this post simply because it is my reason and I will provide the proper person(s) with that information when asked. I want to stay full time and understand how seniority works, and what takes place if one does actually transfer whether part time or full time(bottom off list at new building, can't jump PT who is next in line for position blah blah). There has to be a way to relocate I don't care how hard it is or what I have to do to stay full time but I am willing to do what it takes. Feeders, package car, anything full time to avoid starting over from the bottom as a PT employee bc we all know what that means...wait your turn for 1 year or 20 years ha! Thanks guys!!! help help help
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    You are not running from the law, right?
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    My building had a package car driver from Arkansas transfer up north last month. He had to re qualify but that was no problem for him.

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    Ha no not at all. I'm walking away at a brisk pace! Seriously though, no I'm not.

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    Do you know how he was able to transfer and remain full time?
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    I will have to ask.
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    speak to your BA. i'm sure this subject has come up before with your local. all you will get here is conflicting advice.

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    I get the same when it comes to my BA and local. They cut too many deals to actually know any thing contractually accurate. This coming from 3rd generation Teamster so I do not say that lightly, but i stand beside my union none the less. I do not see anything about full time transfers in the contract saying that we can or can't. It seems it is possible if you can jump the the correct hoops and time it just right. May be a process where it is negotiated between centers or districts (spit balling here). If it was easy or the norm I'm sure people would take advantage of it big time. It just does not mesh with me that the only way I could transfer is to be part time and be in school. I will continue digging, I am in no hurry but do ask if anyone in the Atlantic Area Supplement come across anything helpful it would be greatly appreciated.
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    In my local, if you transfer outside of the local, you lose your seniority and have to start over. Only way to not lose seniority is if the company decides to move work from one center to another center. Then you have the option to follow your rt or surrender it, but not lose your seniority.
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    I understand where you are coming from. i'm from the west and went through hell to get my "hardship" transfer because of a sick family member. since i was not following work i had to start at the bottom of list. feeder to feeder. it worked out pretty well for me since i was only on relief for 3 years before i got a bid run for the rest of my career.

    i have never heard of a transfer not following work that could just dovetail seniority. you may have to start at the bottom but that depends on the rules in your district.

    have you asked any senior employees in your hub or have spoken to the head of HR? i know from experience that hardly anyone wants to help you since it just means more work for them. We heard NO and "it's impossible" so many times it made our heads spin. but once in awhile some supervisor or a long time employee would tell us it was possible and to keep trying. even a top district HR manager told us it was impossible. management and even the union may tell you , you will have to quit and start from scratch at the new hub. DON'T DO THAT! there have been several drivers that have quit, believing UPS , and then go to the new hub and being told "don't know what you are talking about." SOL.

    our contract book has language regarding transfers. we had to submit a request for transfer in writing to the HR office YEARLY as the contract stated. also MAKE COPIES as that will be necessary. make 5 copies of everything in writing.

    as you said , it may be different in your district and each district and hubs make their own rules. if you have heard of similar transfers, track down that person or get as much info as possible. that establishes a precedent. once a precedent has been set that will help you establish your goal.

    good luck. a lot of work and some luck may get you there. don't give up. ( and they will try their hardest to make you give up )

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    Thanks guys! I do fully understand losing my seniority and going to bottom of list which I fully support that. Seems the biggest hurdle is simply remaining full time. Glad to see some positivity for once on this! West Coast seems to have their :censored2: together from what I can see. I will keep digging and asking around. Thanks again!
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    Alright now that that's settled
    Why you moving?
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    If your supplement supports transferring and staying full time then they can't take that away. What may be possible is transferring within the jurisdiction of your supplement. These locals are usually listed on the front page that lists all the different locals within your jurisdiction. If you are trying to transfer outside the locals listed here, I've heard you have to quit and get rehired, like an off the street hire, using the hiring ratio in the contract.
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    If this were possible wouldn't everyone be transferring to their ideal place, whether it be a vacation destination, or remote location or wherever one desires.
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    Exactly and what hasn't been touched on is the poor part timer who has toiled for 6-7-8 years and finally gets a chance to drive full time and in walks Joe Blow from Turdville Florida who walks in and wants the driver job. Transferring without starting at the bottom just won't work unless it involves following a route that has been moved to a different center. If transferring were allowed half the people on here complaining about the heat and humidity where they are now would be moving up north for the summer. 75 degrees, sunny with a light breeze at the moment here.
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  16. oldngray

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    I have only heard of a couple of transfers. The drivers kept their time earned for retirement purposes but went to the bottom of building seniority list. I'm not sure how vacations that had been earned were handled but I think they were able to keep the same number of vacation weeks.
  17. FrigidFTSup

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    Keep the same number of vacation weeks, but go to the bottom when it comes to vacation selection.
  18. Overpaid Union Thug

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    In the Southern region you'll have to quit and HOPEFULLY get rehired as a part timer at the new location. The only other option is to check an see if there are any buildings/centers near the new location that are about to hire a full-time drider off the street (6/1) and plead your case to the manager there. I have actually seen that happen.
  19. Overpaid Union Thug

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    The only legitimate reason to not allow transfers is the different pensions involved when transferring from one region to another. Anything else is BS. Transfers seem to work at other companies. Seniority should apply across the board. Despite the jealousy of that one guy that would get bumped by the transfer that has more seniority. No.....there would not be a mass exodus of transfers.
  20. rod

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    Oh yes there would. Every getto driver in the nation would want a better route (if they were smart). I live in a vacation destination and I guarantee 3/4ths of the Mpls /St, Paul drivers would transfer up here IF they could. The small center here (27-30 drivers) would be filled with 35 - 40 year seniority drivers looking to move up to their lake cabins they already own.